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Gun Gear Guide: Understanding Firearm Accessories



Gun Gear Guide: Understanding Firearm Accessories
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Every hunter, sportsperson, or firearms enthusiast typically has a preferred setup for each firearm that they own. These configurations often include custom accessories and configurations that make each firearm compatible with a particular use or with personal preferences. However, many amateur and experienced firearms users are often unaware of the full range of accessories that can aid their use of these tools.

For both sporting and self-protection purposes, it is good to have a solid understanding of the different components of a firearm. By having a better sense of what some of the more common and lesser-known firearm accessories are, you will be able to customize your own firearm in ways that will benefit any purpose.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the fundamental firearm accessories on the market and what they are useful for.


There are many different styles and types of firearm scopes which can help hunters and sportsmen to improve their accuracy. These accessories are usually based on refracting telescope design and usually have a built-in optical sight which allows you to appropriately target your shot. Laser sights typically emit a visible-light laser to offer additional targeted support.

It is worth trying out a few different scopes to find one that works well with your firearm and for the activity that you plan to use it for.

Bayonet Lug

While the original purpose of this attachment is to fit a knife to the end of your firearm, this may not be the most useful way to use this for the sportsman. Instead, it can also be used for attaching a flashlight or a bipod for more practical hunting use.


Suppressors or “silencers” are useful for muting the sound after you fire your firearm. While these accessories are commonplace in spy movies, do not expect that your own experience with them will match up to what you see on screen. These accessories can help to protect your hearing if you use them in conjunction with additional ear protection; however, your gunshot will still create a great deal of noise.


If you find it difficult to keep a steady aim when you are using your firearm, then you will likely benefit from using a bipod or a tripod. These handy mounts are useful for keeping your firearm in place while you aim which will allow you to line up your shot more accurately. These accessories are also useful for taking some of the weight off of heavier firearms.

Pistol Braces

If you want to stay mobile while you are firing your firearm, then a bipod will not do the trick. In these cases, a pistol brace will provide you with the support that you need to keep a firearm steady while allowing you to remain standing. 

Gun Cleaning Equipment

Every firearms owner needs to have gun cleaning equipment on hand. Cleaning your firearms on a regular basis will help to keep them in good shape for years. This will also keep them safe for use. Make sure to pick up a comprehensive cleaning kit that includes oil and brushes. Having a set of basic gunsmithing tools including wrenches and drill presses is also a good idea if you want to practice taking your firearm apart and putting it back together.

Find The Right Accessories For Your Needs

These six accessories are only some of the many different firearm components that can benefit your shooting. Whether you are planning to hunt wild game or clay pigeons, you will benefit from experimenting with several of these to see if your skill and overall firearms experience is improved.

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