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Tech Entrepreneurs Derrick Butler & Mario Goins bring Hair Services On-Demand



Tech Entrepreneurs Derrick Butler & Mario Goins
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Beauty on demand is a revolutionary idea that has taken over the world by surprise, bringing more convenience to people than ever before. Derrick Butler and Mario Goins, the two inspiring entrepreneurs, have shown that getting a new look only requires a few taps on the screen.

Who are tech entrepreneurs? Well, these are not mere buzzwords, but in fact, people who are able to find real-world problems and then solve it using technology. Tech Entrepreneurs are visionary geniuses aiming to find innovative solutions to the most underlying challenges faced by the society, and the story of Derrick Butler & Mario Goins is no exception.

Derrick Butler, Founder & CEO of Krisspi, was a student at St Mary’s College, trying to find a balance to his social, academic, and personal life – it was a real juggle. You know how they say that necessity is the mother of all inventions? Well, this is precisely what happened here. The idea of an on-demand hair service came into Derricks’ mind when he needed a haircut after 7 pm so that he could catch a flight the next day in the morning for a wedding. It was at that moment when Derrick realized that there is a need for a hairstyling service – hairstylists come to your doorstep and get the job done. No more waiting, no more delays.

However, Krisspi was still just an idea then, and now it was time to turn it into a reality. In 2017, Derrick met Mario Goins, the Co-Founder & CTO of Krisspi. Fast forward three years, and just like that, Derrick Butler & Mario Goins introduced the world to Krisspi, an application-based company that provides haircuts on-demand to its customers. Think of it as “UBER” for your hair styling needs.

Benefits of On-Demand Hair Services

Summon your staff with the tap of a button? These are things people normally associate with celebrities and famous public figures. But what happens when everyone can have that kind of power and accessibility? Sound revolutionary, right?

In a world of instant gratification economy, there is a demand for everything that brings convenience to people, and that is what Derrick Butler & Mario Goins knew when they started Krisspi. The two tech entrepreneurs had an idea, saw an opportunity, and created something that was unheard of before.

On-demand hair services offer several benefits which include:


The biggest advantage of having on-demand hair service is there is no cost of managing a salon. It’s an online platform where hairstylists from different experiences, credentials, and qualifications are gathered in a single platform to deliver the best service to the end-user.

In a traditional salon, you have your traveling cost, which you need to get to the salon, then you wait for your turn, which, if you are a busy professional, equals loss of money. In on-demand hair services, you are in charge of everything. The hairstylists come at your doorstep at a time you desire, exactly how celebrities do it.


Imagine you need to attend a wedding the next day tomorrow. All salons are far away in the city, and there is no time for you to go there. What do you do then? Go without a haircut? That’s just too absurd even to think.

On-demand hair services make sure you are never out of options. You have an app that connects you directly with your preferred hairstylist, and all you need to do is fill out the time and place. No worries at all.


The ability to give feedback is extremely satisfying. Whether you had a good or bad experience, having a place to say whatever you felt gives you the assurance that your opinion matters. At Krisspi, people can post their reviews through the website or mobile app and let other people know of their experience. This helps others make better decisions related to the service.


The majority of hairstylist are also good counselors. They know what looks good on you and help you decide the perfect look when you are confused. An expert hairstylist will have all the information on the latest trends and understanding of hairstyles based on facial features such as hair texture, face structure, skin complexion, etc.

How Krisspi Helps Busy Professionals

The biggest clientele of Krisspi is the busy, and career-oriented professionals, busy professionals who like Derrick have busy lives and need to take control of their calendars. Krisspi provides an ability to have On Demand or Schedule future service at a time and place that most convenient. Finding success in your career as a professional demand hard work and untiring efforts, and the two founding fathers of Krisspi understand that better than anyone else.

The idea behind Krisspi is to make people’s lives easier, and that is what it does best. It meets the needs of busy professionals by giving them the freedom to get a haircut at a time that favors their schedule, offering them convenience – something they cannot get through traditional methods.

Download the Krisspi App

To get the hairstylist at your doorsteps, all they need to do is download the Krisspi App from their respective app stores. Select the time, enter the place, choose the hairstylist they want, and schedule the appointment. See, it’s exactly like “UBER.” It’s all about giving the client the control and flexibility of their time.

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