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Second Hand Mobile Phones: How to Spend Less & Get More

As last year came to an end, everyone was so excited to go into 2020 and start experiencing the roaring 20s of this century. Sadly, all of these expectations of prosperity and social and economic developments were shattered with the breakout of a global pandemic due to the coronavirus. As many count

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As last year came to an end, everyone was so excited to go into 2020 and start experiencing the roaring 20s of this century. Sadly, all of these expectations of prosperity and social and economic developments were shattered with the breakout of a global pandemic due to the coronavirus. As many countries chose to go on a full lockdown to spare the health and lives of the people, many businesses were affected and thousands, if not millions, of people, had to cut their living costs to a minimum so that they can sustain a safe lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While cutting back on luxury spending is not only wise at these times, but also a necessity, some items have moved in the past few years from the luxury category to the must-have category. However, with the sky-rocketing prices of smartphones in recent years, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good smartphone with powerful specs that are able to provide reliable performance at a reasonable price. At the same time, smartphone users who used to compromise on the quality of their phones in exchange for a cheaper price can no longer make this sacrifice as their smartphones have turned into their main driver for conducting everyday essential tasks from keeping up with working from home to staying connected to their loved ones and the rest of the world over social media during quarantine time.

This is why opting for second hand mobile phones is becoming the more popular option for most people nowadays. It allows people to buy whatever smartphone they are thinking about getting at a lower price point which, of course, results in saving a lot of money. However, second hand phones and devices, in general, come with an attached risk of either being scammed into a phone that will turn out to be no good or end up spending more money on repairing issues with the phone, buying accessories, …etc. So, to avoid taking this risk and still save money on your next used phone purchase, this post is going to help you in your quest for finding the best smartphone that offers the greatest value while paying less money at the same time! So, keep on reading to find out all about it!

Order your second hand mobile phone online

Due to the current circumstances of the lockdown, it is difficult to find a mobile shop opened so that you can walk in and look at smartphone devices so that you can choose one to buy. So, if you need to buy a mobile phone, the best option is to order one online so that you are able to control the circumstances and minimize your chances of being infected and minimize the effort that you have to spend as all you’d need to do it to disinfect the package upon receiving it and nothing more.

With the risk of going out for smartphone shopping out of the way, it is now the time to think about the risk of ordering a second hand phone online. This decision in itself contains increased risk compared to any other way of buying a smartphone. The reason for this additional risk is that you can order the phone and receive it only to find out that it is not working or it is not in the condition that the seller promised in the listing.

So, it is essential that you do not settle when it comes to the guarantees and assurances of the used phone deal you are considering to buy. The two most important guarantees are the warranty period and the return policy. For the latter, you have to make sure that you can get a full refund if you decide to return your smartphone within the return period specified by the seller.

As for the warranty, it must be long enough so that you get a sufficient period of time to test and use the phone to make sure it’s working fine. With QwikFone’s second hand mobile phones, for example, all customers get a 12-month warranty for repairing the phone should it have any technical issues due to a manufacturing error. The warranty of QwikFone also grants the customers the right to have their phones replaced if the repair specialists find that the problem with the phone cannot be fully repaired or if that problem can reappear in the future. As for the return policy, QwikFone allows a 14-day returning period, which is the standard return period for brand-new items, with a full refund.

The different conditions of second hand phones

Before buying a second hand mobile phone, it is important for you, as the buyer, to learn and understand what each word in the phone’s listing means in order not to leave the room for misunderstandings to take place and make you purchase a device that you don’t really want.

Mobile phones conditions

There are several descriptive words that can be used when it comes to used phones conditions. For example, you can find phones listed as in a “Good condition” and others listed as “Excellent”. However, it is difficult to tell the differences between the two phones which are listed as good and excellent conditions. The reason for this is that there are no specific criteria for those conditions. So, they are left to the assessment of the seller to call them in good, excellent, or otherwise.

As you can see, these condition names can be misleading in some way. Thankfully, there is the pristine condition which has a specific criteria that you can expect your phone to be in. Pristine phones, as the name indicates, should be in a like-new condition. This means that the phone can’t have any scratches on the screen or visible markings on the back; the whole body of the phone should look as good as new. The same goes for the camera(s), speakers, battery, and every other internal part of the phone.

Once you find a pristine second hand phone that has a decent return policy and a reliable warranty policy, then you’ve hit the jackpot! This is the perfect way to spend less money on the phone and get more value on it.