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How To Make a Delicious Oreo Milkshake for Kids?



Oreo Milkshake

Looking for a mouth-wateringly good, easy Oreo milkshake recipe? Well, we’ve got just the right milkshake recipe for you! With fun garnish options and yummy variations, this recipe is all you’ll need to create the perfect Oreo milkshake. Read the full post for the recipe!

How To Make an Oreo Milkshake

As with all good things, this milkshake recipe is short and sweet. There are only four ingredients, and the only equipment you need is a blender. Rope your kids in to make this a super fun recipe. If you don’t trust them to handle your beloved blender, then let them get creative with the garnish at the end. Also, don’t forget to check out the best baby products and moreover on Top-Mom. 

But don’t worry, this is such a basic milkshake recipe, there’s no way they can go wrong! We made this Oreo milkshake recipe with ice cream instead of cream, but feel free to swap it out if you want to. 

Firstly, you’re going to crush up the Oreo’s in either your blender or with a rolling pin in a plastic bag. Don’t crush them up too fine, you want them to have a bit of crunch and texture. 

Next, you’re going to add the milk, ice cream, and ¾ of the crushed Oreo’s to the blender and blend them until it is a smooth consistency. 

Then you add in the remaining crushed Oreos and mix them in gently with a spoon. You don’t want to mix these in too vigorously because they’ll crumble and the milkshake won’t have that lovely texture. 

Finally, pour the milkshake into a glass and garnish as you please!

Ingredients List

This milkshake recipe serves 1, so double or triple up depending on how many you are serving.

  • 3 – 4 Oreos (plus some to garnish)
  • 1 cup of milk 
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate sauce/syrup (optional)


  1. Crush up the Oreo biscuits into small chunks (you can use a blender or a rolling pin)
  2. Add the ice cream, milk, chocolate sauce and ¾ of the crushed Oreos to a blender
  3. Blend until smooth
  4. Add in the remaining ¼ of the crushed Oreos and mix them in by hand
  5. Pour into a glass



Every milkshake recipe needs a garnish and there are so many to choose from. 

Here are our top picks for garnishing this Oreo milkshake:

  • Drizzle some chocolate sauce or syrup down the inside of the glass before you pour in the milkshake. This looks super professional!
  • Crush some more Oreo’s and crumble them over the top of the milkshake. Add some more of the chocolate sauce to make it extra delicious! 
  • Grate up some chocolate and sprinkle over the top. Don’t forget to add half an Oreo on top!
  • You can also add whipped cream to top off your milkshake. Sprinkle with some grated chocolate or Oreo crumble and your milkshake will look restaurant-worthy!


If this milkshake recipe is a little bit too vanilla for you (excuse the pun), then give one of these delicious variations on our basic milkshake recipe a go!

Alternatively, if you want a healthy milkshake recipe but are still as much of a chocolate addict as the rest of us, why not try out this healthy chocolate milkshake recipe?

Here are our top two variations on this classic milkshake recipe:

The Chocolate Oreo Milkshake Recipe

All you have to do differently for this milkshake recipe is to swap out the vanilla ice cream for chocolate ice cream. So simple, but it kicks it up to a whole new level of chocolatey goodness!

Malted Milkshake Recipe

Here’s a basic milkshake recipe to follow for a tasty malted milkshake:

  • 2 ½ cups chocolate ice cream
  • ½ cup malted milk powder
  • 1 cup milk

Then simply add Maltesers or Whispers on top!

The Oreo milkshake is just delicious and it is really easy to make at home as a quick dessert or after-dinner treat. If you need your fix when you’re out and about, you’d be pleased to know that almost every milkshake joint has some variation of this on their menu!

Is your mouth watering right now? It should be! 

We hope you enjoyed these simple milkshake recipes for the most delicious Oreo creation you’ll ever make. 

Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Conclusion: Nothing quite satisfies that sweet craving like an Oreo milkshake on a hot day. It’s sweet, chocolatey, and cold – and is an absolute winner with the kids! Oreos are a favorite amongst kids (and adults) all over the world, so this is the perfect milkshake recipe for them. With only four ingredients, it’s such an easy milkshake recipe, they can even make it themselves!  

Without further ado, here is our favorite super easy Oreo milkshake recipe! 

Author’s bio: Rich is a full-time writer and part-time foodie. When he’s not writing about food, he is in the kitchen trying out new recipes. He’s not sure which passion comes first: writing or cooking but he sure loves both! 

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Everything You Need To Know About Fine Sea Salt



sea salt
fine sea salt

What Is Fine Sea Salt

Sea salt is harvested from the surface ocean and from depths of more than two thousand meters. The salt so collected is known as marine grade salt and is often used for baking, cooking, confectionary, and even cosmetics (sometimes referred to as “brone ware”). Fine sea salt tends to be dark in color due to its minerals. As a result, it may have a grayish or brownish color.

Because fine sea salt is harvested from the sea floor, it is considered “crystal clear.” Because of the mineral content of sea water, fine sea salt contains significantly less iodine and much less sodium, but much more potassium and other trace minerals than mined salt. It’s also usually substantially less dense than pickling salt, with an almost monochromatic, coarse, lightly flaky texture. Because of this characteristic, it is sometimes used as a food seasoning.

There are many varieties of fine sea salt available, including one-karat, two-karat, kosher, and Columbian. Most of the market today is represented by one-karat sea salt. This variety is the most common on grocery shelves and is largely interchangeable with regular table salt. One-karat can be used for baking, cooking, broiling, salting, and even treating food and water.

Different Variety of Fine Sea Salt

Two-karat fine sea salt is another common variety, which is slightly coarser than one-karat. It’s the lowest in magnesium and has the least amount of iodine of all the salts. This form of fine sea salt is often used in preparing kosher food and also in pickling and preserve recipes. Like one-karat, two-karat sea salt tends to have a grayish color. Like any other form of sea salt, it is good for regulating the temperature of foods that need to be kept at a particular temperature.

Fine sea salt is a premium form of fine sea salt, which is harvested from the river in Russia. It contains a high concentration of magnesium, iron, and manganese, and is higher in iodine content than any other form of salt. It’s often compared to regular table salt because of its fine mineral properties. It’s usually sold in small blocks, and its price is slightly higher than regular salt.

The third variety is pickling fine sea salt, which comes from the process of drying and curing meats at very high temperatures. The cure is actually not the salt solution, as some people may be led to believe. Rather, it’s the curing process. The high heat makes the meat tender, while also helping to reduce its potential for bacterial growth. This type of fine sea salt is often sold in large blocks, and is the most commonly used type of pickling salt around.

What Makes These Varieties of Fine Sea Salt Different

Although all three varieties are excellent salt products, and can be used in recipes where regular table salt isn’t appropriate, some people prefer to use kosher salt and iodized table salt instead. Iodized table salt is a salt that has been treated with iodine, which helps to prevent the onset of allergic reactions. This type of salt does not contain any kind of artificial additives, and it is important not to buy it in large bags. It should always be stored in the sealed packaging that it came in.

Regardless of your taste preferences, you’re sure to find a fine sea salt product that suits your needs and provides you with the essential nutrients that you need for healthy body functioning. As with any kind of salt, organic kosher salt works better than regular table salt. Because the ingredients of kosher salt contain no artificial substances, there is less chance of reacting with your digestive system. If you have sensitive digestion, though, maldon or fleur de sel salts may be a better fit for you.

Where to Buy Sea Salt

Do you know where to buy Sea Salt? We can answer this question in two words – local retailer. Most people are unaware of where to buy Sea Salt. It is actually quite easy to locate this salty product nowadays. The Internet is fast becoming the best source for any product you can think of. And the most important part is you will find Sea Salt that is the best quality for your money.

Sea Salt is a product derived from the natural phenomena occurring at the sea’s surface called the oceanic currents. These are basically currents with the ocean that bring nutrients, air, and other substances to the surface. The salts are carried away with these substances. What you will be extracting from these salts is the minerals found at the ocean bottom. You can use this mineral rich product in a variety of recipes.

Difference between Fine Sea Salt and Table Salt

As said earlier, the main difference between table salt and sea salt is the mineral content. Sea salt contains a higher percentage of magnesium and potassium than do table salts. They also contain low sodium and no chemical elements. Table salts on the other hand, contain various types of chemical agents and the minerals they contain are far from the naturally occurring ones. As mentioned earlier, the minerals found at the ocean’s bottom are the best salts for cooking and baking.

The trace mineral content in Sea Salt is what sets it apart from other kinds of salts. Some other salts like rock salt lack some minerals which is why they are not ideal for use in baking and cooking. Salt is very important as an essential nutrient because without salt, there would be no taste. There are many different varieties of salts including marine grade sea salt and low sodium catch salt.

If you have not tried to bake or cook with rock salt yet, then what are you waiting for? It has hundreds of health benefits. Sea salt is ideal for sprinkling on fruits and vegetables for a delicious taste. It is also used to help with different body ailments. For example, it is used for arthritis pain as it is known to relieve the symptoms quickly.

What Are Its Amazing Benefits

In addition to providing relief from pain, sea salts also help with inflammation and swelling. As mentioned, it is used for arthritis. This is because it is known to relieve the symptoms naturally. You can buy it in its purest form or you can purchase it mixed with other ingredients. Those who are looking for a healthy alternative to the typical gym and sports drinks can opt for the health drink version. With its minerals and vitamins, it helps provide more flavor to food.

Rock salt contains trace minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. These minerals are necessary to keep good health. In fact, experts advise people to get at least five servings of dietary salt per day. Consuming the right amount of salt is essential for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions. With the presence of minerals, the flavor of many foods is greatly improved.

Salt is an important ingredient in traditional dishes. However, when taken into excess, it becomes a health hazard. Since it is not refined, it is easily absorbed by our bodies. Thus, using sea salts in cooking is a better alternative than table salt as it provides more flavor and less sodium.

Types OF Fine Sea Salt

There are several types of sea salts you can choose from. One is the table salt which is the most common form of seasoning used by people all over the world. It contains a variety of minerals and can be purchased in various forms. This is the most popular among chefs and consumers. Other salts include marine salt, rock salt and sea salt.

Table salt is used for cooking and baking. It also contains various minerals that improve the taste of food and make it tastier. However, it loses its nutritional value once it is incorporated into water or milk. Sea salt on the other hand is natural and does not lose its minerals. These minerals are found in very small amounts, which makes it perfect for cooking and baking. Furthermore, its texture is similar to that of rock salt.

Another form of this is marine rock salt. Its texture is very different from marine rock salt which is formed deep under the sea. These salts are good in keeping the body hydrated during hot weather. Moreover, they have a cooling effect on the body which is good for soothing and invigorating the body’s muscles especially those in the abdomen.

Uses of Fine Sea Salt

Salt is important for seasoning and adding flavor to food. In fact, almost all cuisines include salt in one way or another, whether they are preparing meat, fish, or desserts. Therefore, if you are looking for where to buy sea salt, you should know that table salt has no nutritional value compared to sea salts because sea salt retains more minerals than table salts.

Some salts contain iron which improves blood circulation and thus lowers blood pressure. These salts also contain potassium which improves the functioning of the kidney and adrenal glands. On the other hand, table salts contain sodium which is good for regulating blood pressure, reducing fatigue and relaxing the muscles.

Smoked salt is another form of this where the salt is smoked to release its flavor. In this method, the salt is placed in a pan with seasoned dry wood. The wood is then covered with brine and allowed to slowly smoke. This type of salty is great for smoking meats and also for seasoning foods and desserts.



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Make Every Moment Worth It with these 8 Birthday Cake



birthday cake

The birthday celebrations and cake are inextricably related. If your loved one’s birth anniversary is around the corner, then you can give them the delectable gateau. It will help to highlight the day and surprise them immensely. It is a failsafe gift that would surely sweep off their feet. You can buy the top-notch Birthday Cake varieties from a reputable online shop. They display it with plenty of delicious flavors, shapes, and designs. Knowing the recipient’s favorite flavor is enough to buy the perfect one. The appealing look and smooth texture of the dessert will melt in their mouth and amuse them expressively. It is an effective way to touch the deepest zone of their heart. Here is the list of some birthday cakes to enthrall your dearest one.

1. Butterscotch Cake

The crunchiest butterscotch cake is the best pick to amaze your beloved one. It is wonderfully covered with white chocolates, caramel drizzle, or fresh fruits. Giving this extraordinary dessert to your dear will surely take their heart away with its adorable look. This is filled with buttercream, whipped cream, and moiré rich ingredients that heighten its flavor. While they bite a piece of gateau, surely you can find a bunch of happiness on their face.

2. Vanilla Cake 

You can treat the taste buds of your loved one with the classic vanilla cake. It has the goodness of rich milk that would express your care for them immensely. This is made of vanilla essence, milk cream, and more things that enhance its savor. It is perfectly enveloped with chocolate sprinkles, nuts, or sliced fruits. You can also get it with the assortments like mixed flavor, fusion cake, and more. It is one of the best Happy Birthday Cakes that will take the celebration to a new height.

3. Red Velvet Cake 

Amaze your beloved one by presenting the delectable red velvet cake as a centerpiece of the birthday party. It has a ravishing red color that will certainly lure their taste buds to crave. It has silky buttercream that makes it soft and fluffy. Buy this with the best designs like floral or heart to impress them expressively. It would help to win their heart and bring a cheeky smile to their face.

4. Mango Cake 

The tempting and juicy mango is the favorite fruit choice for everyone. When it comes in the form of a cake, then undoubtedly it will fascinate the receiver. You can amuse your dearest one with the jaw-dropping mango-flavored cake at the birthday ceremony. Among the other Beautiful Birthday Cakes, it will never fail to grab their attention.

5. Chocolate Cake

Presenting the lip-smacking chocolate cake as a gift to your loved one will spread the cocoa fragrance on the celebration. It will delight their taste buds and make them feel overwhelmed with your love. You can buy the pull-me-up cake to brighten up the special occasion. It will steal their heart by bringing a remarkable day. This is filled with top-notch cocoa cream that boosts up its flavor.

6. Photo Cake 

Make your loved one feel special by giving an appealing customized photo cake. You can buy this Online Birthday Cake to enthrall them vastly. If you send their snap to the website, then they will print it on the gateau. It will add more joyful vibes that will put a wide smile on everyone’s face.

7. Fondant Cake 

Planned for a theme birthday party? You can prefer the excellent fondant cake to level up the celebration. It is available with various themes like movie characters, cartoons, festivals, love, and others. Buy the one that matches the recipient’s personality from the online shop. Also, don’t forget to order it with their favorite flavor to double the happiness.

8. Fusion Cake

If your loved one is a foodie, then the fusion cake is the apt choice to astonish them expressively. It is the perfect combination of sweets and cake that will enthrall anyone to crave. This is available with the assortments including chocolate rasgulla cake, strawberry gulab jamun cake, and more. Pick the best one based on their favorite to make them feel blessed at the ceremony.

Final Verdicts 

Choose the right one and place your order Birthday cake at the reliable e-shop. You can send it via the same-day delivery service to your loved one. When they unwrap the box and find the gateau, surely they jump overjoyed. It is a great way to make them feel delighted on the birth anniversary.

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7 Most Designer Happy Anniversary Cakes



anniversary cake

Whether you are planning to celebrate your anniversary or anyone else’s, a happy anniversary cake can make it even more exciting. A mouth-watering cake can astonish the mood of someone special and share smiles. Cake-cutting is the easiest way of conveying heartfelt emotions to others easily. By customizing the cake for the anniversary, you can make it look appealing. The amazing cake for your loved one is something that can create wow moments in your relationship. Designer happy anniversary cakes are also good to stun the mood of the gift recipient. This is the best way of showing real feelings and making people feel close to you.

Unique Designer Happy Anniversary Cakes:

1. Red Velvet Heart-Shape Cake – With the help of an attractive red velvet heart-shape anniversary cake, it is easy to bring extra excitement to your romantic relationship. By offering an elegant cake to your loved one, give an unbelievable surprise. Convey cheerful memories with an appealing cake. This can help you astonish the mood of someone special to share innermost feelings jubilantly. When an appealing cake is given as a gift, it relishes the mood of the gift receiver. Heart-shape cake is a romantic gift to share smiles.

2. Royal Coco Vanilla Cake – A delicious royal coco vanilla cake has a lot to offer to your loved one. The excellent cake can astonish the mood of someone special. Give a try to the most exciting marriage anniversary cake and convey innermost emotions. Coco vanilla cake is going to add extra fun to the life of anybody. Give a try to the most appealing cake and share immense pleasure.

3. Premium Chocolate Truffle Cake – A designer chocolate truffle cake can help you astonish the mood of anybody. Buying one of the suitable anniversary gifts can relish anyone’s mood. An elegant chocolate truffle cake can help in sharing some special emotions hassle-free. A well-baked cake is ideal for sharing happiness. Make the upcoming anniversary unforgettable by offering an astonishing cake and create wow moments.

4. Heart-Beating Strawberry Cake – A romantic heart-beating cake has a lot to offer. Share happiness by offering astonishing cakes and enhance the mood of your loved one. This could be a unique anniversary gift for husband that can share smiles. While offering an astonishing cake, it is possible to convey special gifting messages. The heart-beating strawberry cake is an ideal gift to make anyone feel close to you. The best-suited cake for your loved one can create some special feelings.

5. Personalized Cake With Photos – If you have some good memories of togetherness in photographs, you can include them in the cake and send it as the best gift. The well-personalized gift is going to astonish anyone’s mood. By offering elegant anniversary gifts, make your beloved feel close to you. A personalized cake is good to share cheerful emotions.

6. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake – An exceptional Ferrero Rocher Chocolate cake has something special to offer unforgettable feelings. Same day delivery is also available to astonish immense pleasure. Go for the best-suited chocolate cake to make the wedding anniversary better than ever.

7. I Love You Black Forest Cake – Show some special gifting experiences with a happy anniversary cake. With the help of a romantic black forest cake, it is easy to amaze any individual.

By offering an attractive happy anniversary cake to your loved one, you can spread smiles to convey heartfelt feelings. If your beloved has a specific choice, try out such an astonishing item. Before making the best selection, explore different ranges of cakes and then only make the most desirable pick. A personal touch to the anniversary cake can make it even more exciting. Designer cakes for the anniversary can make the beloved feel awesome. With the help of the most exciting cakes, it is easy to do the customization and share smiles for someone special. Just make the best cake choice and convey special gifting experiences. This can bring extra excitement to your relationship.

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