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Headlining Biden Fundraiser now Mueller Prosecutor



Headlining Biden Fundraiser now Mueller Prosecutor
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The former lead prosecutor for the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller will be the head fundraiser of a campaign event for presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a development that looks not in the least bit sketchy.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that Andrew Weissmann, formerly a Mueller deputy and currently a professor of law at the New York University, will be headlining a “virtual fireside chat” on June 2.

Former New Jersey attorney-general Anne Milgram will oversee the case.

Milgram is also an NYU law professor, according to the New York Post, though this is one of the less-concerned happy coincidences that accompany the case.

This will take place on the Zoom, as it does so much of our cultural life nowadays. An invitation from Biden’s “Victory Fund” said “guests will be sent instructions on how to join via Zoom to RSVP by making a contribution ….”

Former lead prosecutor on Mueller’s special counsel team, Andrew Weissmann is headlining a virtual fundraiser for Biden on June 2nd. in French

— Ken Thomas (@KThomasDC) September 21, 2020

Leaving aside the troubled angle of having a “fireside chat” on June 2 (if you need a fire in early June, we should really consider our dogma about global warming), there’s a lot to unpack here, none of which is good.

Weissman was never a conservative favorite, particularly when you consider aggressive tactics that seemed increasingly political in special counsel cases.

Will there be a list of political bias inside the inquiry of a special counsel?

Of course, as part of the special counsel operation, the only job for Weissman was to get to the facts, the entire truth, and nothing but the truth. Of course while he was in Mueller ‘s investigation, he was absolutely unbiased.

Recall that Mueller was depicted as Captain America and Weissman was his top assistant if you missed the kind of fawning publicity this got 18 months ago.

Think of him as the operation’s Bucky Barnes, fearlessly following Paul Manafort for some iffy dealings in Ukraine while Steve Rogers went after Russian collusion that didn’t really exist.

Well, at least we do know the politics of Bucky. The apolitical Weissman — who was expected to do his job within the federal government without bias or consideration about what happened to the Trump administration — is now contributing its energies to the Biden movement.

As if we weren’t already aware, the politics of Andrew Weissmann are officially unmasked https:/

— Sean Spicer-May 21, 2020

And even that really doesn’t touch on the main problem with this.

We should not have to think about the ideological inclinations of a prosecutor in any functioning society, and not only because they would be setting them aside for the public good. The issue is we’re not in a functional democracy. We have been in a government of, by, and for the elites for a long time.

The major issue with the investigation into Mueller was not the apparent focus on delegitimizing President Donald Trump. It was for this reason that they first tried to delegitimize the Trump administration.

Weissman is representative of the incestuous essence of politics in Washington. He has worked with the presidents of the Republicans and Democrats, but he is always a man who is colored within the lines of the Beltway.

He is a consummate careerist — and Trump’s four more years means the possibility of four more years of exile in Greenwich Village teaching law to students from NYU.

Trump’s campaign was completely unsurprised at the fact that Weissman ended up on the Biden fundraiser bill.

“It’s no surprise that the campaign of Joe Biden would also be helped by a guy who tried to take down the president through the sham impeachment,” Trump communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News in a statement.

“There’s no swampier to it than this: attempting to stage a party coup against the president and then raising funds for his political opponent.”

So, here we are going. If you send enough of your cash to Joe Biden, you too can spend a little more of your week on Zoom, asking bland questions from a bland careerist whose primary claim to fame, at least for the time being, is that he once put Paul Manafort behind bars and tried to find proof that the president was colluding with the Russians. (Obviously in a completely non-partisan way).

If this is the kind of thing that’s worth money for you, well, you ‘re the type of Biden to start with, without doubt.

When you think of this swamp reeks that first elected Donald Trump — well, you are right.

The stench won’t go away no matter how much money they end up spending.

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