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Jan Brewer: Democrats from Arizona will show their cynicism on claims of sexual harassment



Jan Brewer: Democrats from Arizona will show their cynicism on claims of sexual harassment
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Chip Somodevilla / Getty ImagesDemocratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona questions witnesses during the Senate Aviation and Space Subcommittee of the Dirksen Senate Building on Capitol Hill on May 14, 2019, in Washington , D.C. (Somodevilla chip / Getty Images)

Two years ago, the Supreme Court of Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Democrats across the country took the opportunity to politically assassinate President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, all while ignoring due process, credible evidence and the presumption of innocence.

They battled tooth and nail, defending Christine Blasey Ford in her complaint against Justice Kavanaugh when they made a broad appeal for us to “believe the plaintiffs” – and without a sign of doubt in a concerted bid to rob President Trump of his option for the Supreme Court.

Now, the hypocrisy of the Democrats is on full display.

Kyrsten Sinema called for a “complete and comprehensive FBI investigation into serious claims against Judge Kavanaugh” and urged the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to lobby for an investigation before a vote could be taken.

Ann Kirkpatrick said that we would “believe people” and “believe survivors.” Kirkpatrick went on, calling for the Republicans to be voted out of office as a result of Brett Kavanaugh ‘s nomination.

And in his response, Tom O’Halleran was calculated.

A week before he said that he did not like the way either side had taken part in the hearings, a poll showed that 49 per cent of Arizona voters wanted Kavanaugh to be confirmed, compared to 42 per cent who did not. O’Halleran was reluctant to get off the line in his Trump-win seat for fear of the political repercussions.

Today, it’s been more than 400 days since Tara Reade bravely came forward with her serious accusation of sexual harassment against Joe Biden during her tenure as a Senate staffer.

Despite more corroborating facts coming from the claim, where are the demands from Democrats and the media to support these people, the wall-to-wall reporting of her case, and the media telling Democrats where they stand?

Do you think that these Arizona Democrats need to be held accountable for their comments?

While Sinema and Kirkpatrick immediately filed charges against Brett Kavanaugh, both have yet to acknowledge the charges against Joe Biden.

In the meantime, Tom O’Halleran has proven that his allegiance rests with his side, when he agreed to help and stand by Joe Biden in the midst of this accusation.

U.S. — Senate candidate Mark Kelly also decided to stick with Biden, saying that he did not believe that Biden could be guilty of such charges because “for a long time.”

All four of these Arizona representatives have backed Joe Biden, making it clear that the only thing that matters when it comes to defending victims of sexual harassment is the political identity of the perpetrator.

Kelly, Kirkpatrick, O’Halleran and Sinema have selected the alleged candidate of their party to trust these people.

The arrogance of these Democrats is tangible. By denying Tara Reade’s accusation merely because she blamed Joe Biden, Democrats showed that it was never just about supporting women – they actually used the # MeToo hashtag in their electoral assessments with no intention of listening to all the allegations.

As Joe Biden attempts to stifle and deny the allegation, even working to cover up any evidence that might support the story of his accuser, Mark Kelly, Ann Kirkpatrick, Tom O’Halleran and Kyrsten Sinema owe Arizonans an explanation of their double standard.

Either the Democratic Party takes the allegations of women seriously and calls for a thorough investigation of Tara Reade ‘s claims, or these four Arizona Democrats are to blame for refusing to hold Biden accountable.

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