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Joe Rogan: Obamagate is ‘REAL.’



Joe Rogan: Obamagate is 'REAL.'
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The ‘Obamagate’ scandal was slammed by popular podcast host Joe Rogan saying the outgoing president was ‘mainly spying on Trump using the FBI.’

“Actually the new president hires the FBI or has it to investigate it,” said Rogan.

“Hear the video on it of Jimmy Dore. The video of Jimmy Dore is outstanding. What the government did exactly breaks down. It’s illegal. And that’s illegal.

“Mainly you are spying on Trump with the FBI. And all the Russian things they claimed were not happening, it turned out, and they knew it wasn’t really starting to happen, “he continued.

“They all said was hyperbolic and overwhelming. Rogan cautioned, adding: “This is not healthy. They tried to make it something it wasn’t.” Not all is perfect. “It is not all perfect.

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