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Judge orders of Ukraine Joe Biden To Be Listed as Alleged Prosecutor of Crime



Judge orders of Ukraine Joe Biden To Be Listed as Alleged Prosecutor of Crime
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In Kiev, the story of Joe Biden ‘s attempt to compel the firing of Ukraine’s chief prosecutor, who was investigating Burisma Properties, has taken on a new twist just as Biden is lining up the Democratic presidential nomination in America for 2020.

In Kiev late last month, District Court Judge S. V. Vovk ordered the country’s law enforcement services to formally list the fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the victim of an alleged crime by the former U.S. vice president, according to an official English translation of the ruling.

Former vice president Joe Biden ‘s son Hunter Biden was employed by the Burisma Holdings natural gas firm, receiving millions of dollars a year despite having no credentials or experience, at the time Biden is alleged to have been shot by the prosecutor.

JustTheNews report: In February, the court had previously directed the Office of the Attorney General and the State Bureau of Investigations to investigate Shokin’s allegation that he was fired in spring 2016 under pressure from Biden because he was investigating Burisma Holdings, the natural gas firm where Biden ‘s son Hunter worked.

The court then ruled that there was ample evidence to investigate Shokin ‘s argument that the pressure from Biden on then-President Petro Poroshenko, including a threat of withdrawing $1 billion in US loan guarantees, amounted to unconstitutional interference in Shokin ‘s work as the chief prosecutor of Ukraine.

But when law enforcement authorities launched the investigation they declined to name Biden as the suspected criminal suspect, instead identifying the prospective defendant as an unidentified American.

Vovk ruled that anonymous listing was inappropriate, and ordered the law enforcement agencies to formally appoint Biden as the accused offender.

The ruling orders “a competent person of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine who conducts procedural management in criminal proceedings No. 62020000000000236 dated February 24, 2020 to enter information into the Unified register of pre-trial investigations … a summary of facts that may indicate the commission of a criminal offense under Paragraph 2 of Article 343 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine on criminal proceedings No. 62020000000000236 dated February 24, 2020, namely: information on interference in the activities of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Shokin, Viktor Mykolaiovych performed by citizen of the United States of America Joseph Biden, former U.S. Vice Chairman.

The judge added, “Do not appeal the court’s decision.”

Shokin’s attorney, Oleksandr Ivanovych Teleshetskyi, confirmed the ruling to Just the News but said Ukraine officials have not yet complied.

“Viktor Shokin publicly appealed to Ukraine’s president with a request to respond appropriately to illegal inaction in investigating criminal cases opened against Joseph Biden,” Teleshetskyi stated. “Let me remind you that it was primarily because of Viktor Shokin ‘s comment that they were identified.”

The Biden-Shokin saga has dominated headlines for over a year, and has played a central role in the Democrat-led impeachment proceedings that ended earlier this year with the acquittal of President Trump in the Senate.

Biden has admitted on videotape that he pressured then-Ukraine President Poroshenko to fire Shokin in March 2016 by threatening to withhold US loan guarantees of $1 billion. Yet because of the Burisma situation, Biden has steadfastly denied Shokin ‘s dismissal. Instead, Biden said, he and other Western leaders thought Shokin was ineffective as a fighter for corruption.

Shokin, however, alleged in a court affidavit that he had been ordered to be fired because he refused to stop his investigation into Burisma’s alleged corruption and because he decided to call Hunter Biden as a witness to ask him about millions of dollars in payments his American company obtained from the gas company in Ukraine.

Shokin has also disputed the claims of Democrats that he was fired for being incompetent or corrupt, producing a U.S. letter among other pieces of evidence. State Department which praised its anti-corruption program as the chief prosecutor of Ukraine in the summer of 2015.

Although the factual dispute between Biden and Shokin remains unresolved, last year’s impeachment trial produced testimony from witnesses at the State Department who said they believed Hunter Biden’s involvement in Burisma when his father supervised U.S.-Ukraine policy created an awkward appearance of conflict of interest.

Both Bidens denied wrongdoing but acknowledged that they wished the matter had been handled differently.

Continuing Shokin ‘s pursuit of a lawsuit in the courts of Ukraine could trigger new revelations this summer as Biden readies for Trump’s Fall election.

On Tuesday, a member of the Ukraine parliament released what he said were excerpts of telephone calls between Poroshenko and Biden discussing the firing of Shokin, but neither man has yet confirmed their authenticity.

In an interview, Shokin told Just the News he is confident he can unearth evidence during the proceedings that Ukraine officials were satisfied with his performance and simply acceded to firing him to avoid losing the badly needed U.S. loan guarantees.

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