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Missing Madison Bell, a teenager from Highland County, found safe



madison bell
  • Madison Bell is a missing woman who is stable in the Highland County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Bell, 18, had been missing for almost a week when she went to a nearby salon tanning on May 17, after vanishing.

Members of Parliament said that in a parking lot across the street from the tanning salon were found Bell’s car and mobile phone.

Bell was found healthy shortly after 5:00 am by the Sheriff’s office. It’s Saturday. Saturday.

Last Sunday morning, Madison Bell, 18, saw her leave home saying she was going to a tanning salon to her mother.

Sheriff Donnie Barrera tells CNN, “Bell has been protected and left on their own free will. There was no other detail.

This week the office of the Sheriff said Bell did not appear to have arrived at the salon. She found her car in a nearby church parking lot.

madison bell

madison bell

He told CNN WBNS affiliate, her mother, Melissa Bell, found her daughter’s car unlocked inside her telephone and keys still in the ignition.
Melissa Bell said: “This will be her senior high school week, so that we will not miss a lot of activities this week,” said Bell.

“We ask the media and public to respect our privacy because we are emotionally vulnerable during this difficult period. We are only happy to learn that Maddie lives and is not threatened physically. Thanks to every one who has searched for Maddie including Rescue 101 Search and Rescue, Texas Equusearch, the wonderful members of the local community, and our daughter’s volunteers from other places.

Thanks to those who contributed on behalf of Maddie to make sure we had a reward for their safe return. Thank you for the hard work you have done in the last 6 days and for leaving no rock unturned. Thanks to friends and family who helped us in our toughest lifetime. We have been touched by all attempts to find Maddie and we love her from the bottom of our hearts.

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The cop of Seattle caught George Floyd’s protestor in a knee video




A video of a Seattle police officer posted on Twitter showed his knee on the head and neck of a protestor from George Floyd, which contributed to the death of the Minneapolis man that contributed to a national protest.

In the video, two police officers are compelled to stand in a shiny orange sweatshirt. They are shown to hold on, as they impose restrictions on him, to the ground. One officer uses his knee to hold the fellow down and cause spectators to shout at the cops, “Get your f*cking knee off his neck! “As the man pleaded for assistance.

The second official noticed the calls and instructed his colleague, when they saw they were filmed, to move his knee.

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Close the vehicle doors: robbery of cars is growing



Close the vehicle doors: robbery of cars is growing
  • It was not nice for car owners to have been coronavirus.
  • More residents are sitting at home to decrease COVID-19 distribution, leaving their sedans, pickup trucks and SUVs unattended on the highways easy targets for opportunistic robbers.

Given empty streets and almost non-existent traffic, in New York vehicles flew by 63 percent, compared with Jan. 1-May last year, nearly 17 percent, to Los Angeles.

And several other U.S. law enforcement authorities record an rise in robbed vehicles and auto burglaries, while the coronovirus pandemic has drastically decreased violent crime nationally.

It is a risk-safe felony, politics claim, with a likely high reward, particularly because many drivers left their doors or keys open.

“You might even put the ‘Come take my stuff’ sticker in the frame” says Alex Villanueva, Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

Around 72% of the 322 vehicles stolen in Austin , Texas, last month had their keys in their proximity. In March, the overall number of car thefts grew by around 50%, and from April 2019, truck thefts rose by 2%.

Austin Police Sgt Chris Vetrano, the 11-detective vehicle theft specialist solving stolen car crimes, said the outbreak had developed a “complete tempest.

The storm’s elements: drivers are at home and don’t regularly use or test their vehicles. Schools are where teens try their luck.

Criminals are out of work and have more time or need quick money to promote the habit of drugs.

“Nowadays, you should go online and see how you can only access YouTube in cars,” said Vetrano.

(he should know why someone, one of the most often stolen cars, broke into his locked Ford F-150, almost a year ago.)

Greg Wilking said the amount of auto burglaries that certain offenders are good at “road prowls” could hit 22 percent.

“That’s ten seconds, really,” he told me. “You don’t waste any of your car’s time. It’s a smash-and-take-go, “sometimes in full light of day.

Wilking is concerned that the number will continue to increase because “people get worse with time.”

Nonetheless, it appears that in Baltimore an attempt to reduce the high number of auto thefts and burglaries in the city has paid off. Car robs dropped 24% and robbed vehicles dropped 19%, compared with the same period the last year. from January to May.

Col. Richard Worley, the patrol chief, partly loaned the residents’ persistent attempts to keep their vehicles locked and keys home and stored in well-lit areas. The pandemic supported the police in this situation, though.

Residents are home, drive less and watch the neighborhood, so the officers now have time to proactively conduct patrols because service calls and violent crime have fallen. A robber of 13 stolen catalytic converters was recently caught at a car checkpoint.

It’s a matter of chance occasionally — like Lindsey Eldridge, the civic relations specialist of the Police Department, who lost her keys in cupholders’ car. Only before falling asleep, she remembered her mistake.

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Joe Biden first shows up in Well Over Two Months



Joe Biden first shows up in Well Over Two Months
  • In over two months, on Monday, Joe Biden made his first appearance on his Memorial Day laying a wreath in a veterans’ park near his house in Delaware.
  • The supposed Democrat President Designate has been running a substantial portion of his campaign out of his home in Wilmington after he suddenly cancelled the 10 March rally in Cleveland at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden wore a facial mask when he and Jill his wife laid a wreath of white flowers tied by a white bow and bowed their heads silently on the park when they came out Monday. He welcomed. He welcomed.

“These men and women never underestimate the hardships,” he said afterward. “Never, forget about it, ever.”

Biden told reporters, ‘I feel great to be out here,’ his words sneaking through the masks of his black clothes. His park visit was not announced, and he was not awaited by any crowd.

But Biden greeted an official of the county and an other man briefly, all with facial masks only a few steps apart. Then Biden yelled “Thank you for your service” to another bigger party nearby.

His campaign claims that Biden has often been in the park for Memorial Day, even though services have been canceled in the pandemic on Monday.

Although the presidential campaign was small, this appearance was a landmark, and became effectively frozen with the spread of coronaviruses.

Although there’s a doubt about the feasibility of traditional events, like rallies and presidential conventions, Biden does not spend almost five months entirely in the country until the elections.

Do you think that in November Biden has a chance?

The coronavirus has improved nearly every part of American society and modified the political terminology.

As a senator for many years and former vice president, Biden is trying to position himself to lead the country out of a crisis as a person with experience and compassion. He’s the leader who can lead an economic recovery later this year or in 2021. trump counters.

By building in his home a TV studio that can be used for news, late-night shows and interactive campaign activities, Biden has adjusted to coronavire.

In some cases, technical failures and other awful times have affected such efforts.

Several Democratic strategists are publicly afraid that by staying home, Biden gives Trump too much room. The president himself has essentially knocked Biden out of his basement for campaigning.

The aides of Biden say that they expect at some stage, including travel to battle nations, to return to their normal campaign activities. Nonetheless, they are not in a rush and tend to take advice from the health professionals and social gap guidelines of the authorities.

At 77, Biden is considered particularly vulnérable to the effects of coronavirus among the nation’s senior population — but Trump is 74 years old the following month.

“We ‘re never going to make any choices that are harmful to our personnel and voters,” campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a recent speech, adding that “When safety permits, we ‘re not going to do that a day sooner.”

Trump hasn’t repeated his big rallies of 2016 and his 2016 bid, but in recent weeks he began to fly outside Washington. He went to Arizona to produce face masks and Michigan to produce medical and protection equipment at a Ford plant.

On the weekend, Trump even played golf in its club in Virginia, hoping that others would follow his lead and return to a seeming normal lifestyle.

The President had visited his privately owned golf club in West Palm Beach for the first time since March 8, on his own money-making house.

On March 11, the World Health Organisation, and two days later, the national emergency statement followed Trump, declared the virus as a pandemic.

Biden’s web campaign lost no time creating a distorted and remote picture of the golf course with Trump evoking photos of the epidemic ravaging the world as the number of People who had been infected by the pandemic rose to 100,000.

The video concluded with the statement: “The death toll continues to rise. The chairman plays golf.

Trump spent Memorial Day in Baltimore at Arlington National Cemetery and the Fort McHenry National Monument, and watched U.S. astronauts fly into space on Wednesday.

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Breakthrough work Near the North White Rhino Sub-Species Live Alive



Northern white rhino.

Groundbreaking work in order to keep the almost extinct, in-vitro fertilization sub-type of the northern white rhino-population two-alive was halted. And time has passed.

The two white rhinos to the north are women. The aim is to build viable embryos in a laboratory by inseminating their eggs with frozen sperm from dead men, and then moving them to a substitute mother who is a more common south white rhino.

Three embryos were developed and stored in liquid nitrogen as of January. But now we need to wait for more main moves.

Richard Vigne, Managing Director of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, in Kenya, the home of two of the other rhinos, said: “COVID-19 has been disrupted like all other things.

“That is, the process by which females collect more eggs and the method by which the Northern White Rhino embryo is developed into Southern White Rhino females,” he said.

This is an international effort involving Kenyan, Czech, German and Italian conservationists – most of whom suffer from closed borders or restricted voyages.

The wait can be stressful for those with an extreme perception of time.

It has shown that the cycle to build viable embryos is effective, they add, and can routinely be completed before the animals get too old.

The transmission of embryos to substitutes was scheduled for next month in January. In March, the intention was for the other two females to harvest eggs.

Because eggs are limited, researchers can use SWR embryos until a successful pregnancy can be established. So far, seven or eight transfers have not been successful. A receptive woman and the knowledge of when she ovulates are necessary.

“It’s time we learn to work,” says Cesare Galli, an Italy-based in-vitro fertilizer specialist. “We have not many women to choose from and the women will grow old.”

In the next couple of weeks, he aims to relax constraints on international travel so that crucial measures can be resumed.

“It’s quite a serious problem,” he said. “It will definitely be the first priority to go to Kenya and to gather more eggs of the two women once international travel has resumed.

Another problem arises even if travel can resume. Ol Pejeta is also home to coronavirus-sensitive primates, Galli said. Galli said.

“If you accidentally bring in the virus, this is extra risk,” he said. “You are threatening to rescue one species.”

The two white north rhinos are waiting for now. In the sight of Rangers in the company of a destined substitute mother called Tewa, Fatu and her mother Najin walk around and graze.

Zachariah Mutai, one of the rhinos’ guards, was sweet.

“It will no longer be possible for them to have babies naturally, but the only hope is to save them by scientific means,” he stated.

The ultimate goal is to build a herd of five or more animals that may be returned to their African natural habitat. It could take decades.

The poaching of rhino species took decades to a heavy toll. The cattle are slaughtered for their heads, traditionally used for carving, which are associated for their supposed healing properties in traditional Chinese medicine.

In 2017, when he was entitled as “The Most Eligible Bachelor of the World” on the Tinder date-app as part of a fundraising effort, the last male northwest white rhino was a 45-year-old named Sudan. In 2018 it was euthanized by illnesses linked to age.

Sudan, the last male of its subspecies and the north white rhino has died. Photographer @Amivee wrote the last moments of his life and says that hope for his kind ‘s future still exists. @CNNPhotos https:/

— CNN (address to CNN)

Vigne said that efforts to keep the North White Rhinos alive are a good way to draw attention worldwide to the question of extinction.

“The extinction rate of species on this planet is now the fastest ever recorded, much faster than the extinction rate of the dinosaurs, which is caused by human activity,” he said. “At the moment we must draw a line … and no longer ask.”

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Coronavirus’ impact on world education sector



Coronavirus' impact on world education sector

There is a rapid slowdown in the economy of the whole world. For the present financial year 2020, the growth rate in all major economies is expected to be virtually insignificant. Other reasons behind the economic decline include education, which will have a negative impact on various countries’ economy. Education is also a major reason. However, many of us may not regard that as part of our economies, but we can not deny the importance of it for our economies.

Both prestigious universities and colleges draw a variety of students who expend a great deal more on educating them in popular schools. Diverse fees, including hostel and accommodation facilities, catering facilities, conference facilities and excursion fees, and trainings and internships may also be charged to them. Briefly, funding is the lifeblood of today’s school sector.

The world’s education sector has now become both vulnerable and vulnerable to coronavirus pandemics.

The large number of students are currently returned to their homes and many courses have moved online. If lockdowns happen all around the country, incoming students will change their views in such a situation and find it much more difficult to reach their school. Moreover, conventions are not taking place and these wealthy graduates are not as wealthy as they claimed to be.

Covid-19 has been particularly hard hit by West English-speaking universities. They also charge huge sums of household fees and make money from on-site dining and lodging. They appear to charge international students even more so that many universities give them a major source of income.

BBC states that UK undergraduate students outside the UK and the EU can be charged a fee of £58,600 per year rather than the standard £9,000. Although globalization means for many people to import cheaper goods from all over the world, one of the major economic successes for developed economies has attracted students from abroad.

Simon Marginson, University of Oxford professor of higher education, says: “The rise of the middle classes around the world has been the godfather of Western universities.”

“Over recent decades, the world’s middle classes have expanded by slippers, and everyone in the community can send their children to education abroad,” he said.

They did so, not least because many emerging countries do not have the same tertiary education standard as developed countries. But students who study abroad come away with an excellent degree, a second language and multiple friends and connections. It has demonstrated a benefit for millions of people.

America, the United Kingdom and Australia were the major winners. They will draw students from all over the world who have excellent education program that teaches in English.

Andrew Norton (Australian National University in Canberra), professor of higher education policy, says the country has been attempting to attract foreign students from Asia since the 1980s.

For these students, Australia has certain clear advantages, he says. “The atmosphere is favorable and we will migrate here in a nearly the same time period.”

This message is unlikely to encourage new students to be welcomed in the future, and it matters because “there is a pipeline effect,” says Prof. Norton.

“When this year’s students will not continue a study course, they are not here for three years,” he says, implying that for years to come, not just in Australia, Universities will feel the burden of missed incomen.

Here’s a giant business when we speak of the USA. Even some of the oldest and most famous colleges have trillions of funds, massive resources, and a reputation for charging top-dollar students. But still now it’s inaccessible to them.

Most U.S. overseas visitors seek refunds for missed classes, so US colleges are fortunate enough to have students on campus. Catering and lodging are enormous employees. UK students have demanded reimbursement.

Professor Marginson states that while universities have rushed to move online courses, they are clearly not so attractive, at least temporary.

“Students choose face-to – face education, if they choose,” he says. “Not just employers online, but culture as well have the same reputation.”

The University of Cambridge in the UK has announced that it will now offer all of its lectures online for the next academic year. However, if government guidelines were changed, it would review the situation.

Read also: Why does COVID-19 question India’s mental health?

Today, all universities and colleges around the world are based on online and remote teaching methods and, if you still want to maintain your earnings, you now understand the importance of online teaching methods. Since the planet is now closed up and mentally dissociated, they have no choice, because that is the only way to bring money in.

At present, the number of universities which will survive an income collapse or whether these move to online teaching is permanent or not is not adequately documented or informationed. Teaching people on one site together has proved a long lasting, successful business model, and continues to have enormous prestige and rewards for the participants.

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5 Tropical cyclones which hit India so badly



5 Tropical cyclones which hit India so badly

A tropical cyclone is an intense circular storm that originates from a warm tropical ocean with low atmospheric pressure , high winds and strong precipitation. A cyclone keeps its strength as long as it stays over warm water. These are also called hurricanes and typhoons in other parts of the world, depending on the region from which they originated. Based on their moving intensity, there are 5 categories with such storms ranging from category 1 being the least damaging to category 5 being the most severe.

The Indian subcontinent, as we talk of India, is one of the worst hit areas of the world. The subcontinent with an 8041 kilometer long coastline is exposed to nearly 10 per cent of tropical cyclones around the world. Of these, most have their initial genesis over the Bay of Bengal and strike on India’s east coast. Each year, on average, five to six tropical cyclones form, two or three of which can be severe. The Bay of Bengal has more cyclones than the Arabian Sea, and the ratio is about 4:1. In this article we’ll think about some of the cyclones that ravaged India ‘s coastal life.

5- Amphan:


Amphan(pronounced dead as Um-Pun) is the latest cyclone which hit the Indian subcontinent’s eastern coast. Thailand called the cyclone, it originated over the Bay of Bengal and later intensified from a ‘Very Severe Cyclonic Storm’ (VSCS) to the category ‘Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (ESCS). Winds rage at an hourly speed of 270 km. It is the world’s second-most powerful tropical cyclone. West Bengal and Odisha regions are seriously affected. So far, Amphan has killed 72 people and has displaced thousands from their homes.

4- Fani

Fani was Indian Subcontinent’s second strongest tropical cyclone. The cyclone, known as Extreme Cyclonic Storm (ESCS), in Bangladesh. Fani originated on 26 April 2019 from a tropical depression in the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra. Up to 250 kilometers per hour were achieved. The storm took 89 lives and damaged a lot of billions of property.

3- Titli

Titli was born in the Bay of Bengal and in the second week of October 2018 struck the East coast of India. Pakistan called Titli. It was a VSCS cyclone with wind speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. This Cyclone has been considered the rarest because of the characteristics of its recurrent afterland and the maintenance of its destructive ability for more than two days after land and recurrence from the coastal areas.

2- Hudhud

On the Andman Sea on the 6th of October 2014 Hudhud was originated from a low pressure system. Later, it became a very serious cyclone storm. After the bird of Israel, Oman gave the name of the cyclone. The strength of winds reached 185 km / h. Andhra Pradesh was the most affected region. Because of the cyclone, the total number of deaths in both countries was 124 in Nepal.

1- Phailin

The wind speed reached 260 km per hour and was the cyclone of the most destructive category. Phailin was born on 4 October 2013 in the Gulf of Thailand, then moved to Bengal Bay. Thailand gave the word. The worst patient was Odisha. 260 billion rupees were destroyed by Phailin and 45 people died.

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Trump Declares Schools ‘Should be Opened ASAP’



Trump Declares Schools 'Should be Opened ASAP'
  • Sunday President Donald Trump called for schools to be rebuilt as soon as possible, shutting this spring due to the coronavirus.
  • “ASAP will open schools in our country,” tweeted Trump.

ASAP should be opened to schools in our region. Now, there is a lot of excellent information. @SteveHiltonx @FoxMagazine

— Donald J. Truff (@realDonaldTrump)

The president tagged the reopening of schools on his program “The Next Revolution.” Steve Hilton spoke in the tweet.

Hilton said, Fox News said, “Without now opening schools there won’t be a recovery.

“The parents can’t go to school when children are not able to go to work,” he said.

“Schools must be closed to keep children safe, we are told. “Hilton said, citing the data from centers for the control of diseases and prevention that shows 0.02% of cases of coronavirus are in children under 14 years of age. They ‘re not threatened.

The host of the Fox News has charged the “media misinformer” with “fear-making” about a disease that affects children who test for the virus.

Do you support the US school reopening as soon as possible?

“It’s a handful of cases that we talk about that are almost always treatable,” he said. “How disrespectful to try to threaten parents at their children’s health.”

Hilton said children will not spread the disease to other children at the same rate as adults spread it, which is confirmed by comprehensive evidence for other nations. Others have expressed fears as children could infect adults.

“The psychiatric burden on children grows every day and the loss of learning hurts most poor regions, especially in remote parts of the country with unreliable internet,” he said., “he added.

Hilton said that any chief who does not instantly intend to reopen schools was “a denier of evidence and a denier of science.”

Then Hilton came to his end.

“Get on and reopen schools now and cause more needless harm,” he said. He said.

Hilton played of what he called ‘stupid rules,’ which needed to be enforced after America reopened.

Although it may be appropriate to wear masks, he denounced “totally unnecessary” the “unscientific nonsense” of temperature controls.

He also ridiculed what he called social dissociation “comprehensively arbitrary.”

“Only one or two people at a time allowed in a lift — a good luck trying frankly to open up New York, or any downtown business district,” he said.

“It is typical of our technocratic ruling elite’s infantilizing thinking,” said Hilton.

There were users on Twitter who threw Trump back.

You will take charge of every child that dies. Donald? Donald?

And how many deaths will you accept?

– David Cay Johnston, May 25 , 2020.

My sister is a charter school teacher in New York. Between her, her parents, and the children I’m petrified. Then just think people are going home and infecting others

— Brooke Jones, May 25 , 2020 (@BrookeJ27540191).

Why does this happen? Just two weeks, the school is out in the summer. Why do they have to open at the heart of a pandemic suddenly?

Tami Burages May 25 , 2020 Tami Burages

In the autumn, the CDC published guidance regarding the reopening of schools, but suggested that they are still closed.

The 60-page guidelines of the department include a total of 6 feet of desks in an almost identical direction, lunch in schools, paced time of arrival, fabric masks for staff and daily temperature checks.

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Tony Blair: For Strengthening WHO & More Central Governance



Tony Blair Calls For Stronger WHO & More Global Government

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has questioned President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

Blair’s idea’s echoe those of another former UK PM, Gordon Brown, who recently urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Being concerned about what he called “the absence of global coordination”, Blair harked back to his work alongside, George Bush (his partner in war crimes), Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as being good examples of how global inter-governmental cooperation can work at winning the day.

Breitbart reports: His remarks in an interview with NBC News last Friday followed an earlier intervention in the crisis when his own globalist think tank claimed it is “embedded in governments around the world,” as Breitbart News reported.

In his most recent observations, he told NBC News he was worried about the lack of global coordination in tackling the crisis.

“The worry I have that an absence of global coordination and global leadership that’s necessary for it is a huge problem,” he said.

“When I think back to the times when I’m dealing with American presidents whether it’s Bill Clinton or George Bush, Barack Obama as well, the most important thing at a time like this is to say, ‘How do you bring the world together?”

By building more and bigger global government, Blair believes leaders could find a vaccine together, accelerate the development of therapeutics and testing capability, while keeping the international economy afloat.

“It’s that global coordination, the absence of which means that each individual country’s less effective at dealing with the disease. That’s the thing that worries me,” he stated.

The left-wing former Labour leader was asked his opinion on Trump’s suggestions on fighting the epidemic, he said: “I think most people would understand what I would think, but it’s probably better sometimes not to say it.”

Earlier this month the Tony Blair Institute announced it has “teams” advising world governments “to keep their people safe during this pandemic — not just in respect of Covid-19 itself but also the political and economic collateral damage.”

It also echoed his own personal call for more resources to be poured into the World Health Organization:

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CDC Estimates The COVID Fatality Rate is 0.26%, more than 13 times lower than the original WHO claim.



An elderly woman prays with a wheelchair in the background.
  • A number of our public policy decisions on COVID-19 have been informed by so much: 3.4%.
  • On 3 March, during a media briefing that guided us on how we viewed the danger posed par the new coronavirus, the World Health Organization’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus commented.

“While many people have developed immunity to seasonal flu strains globally, COVID-19 is a new virus with no immunity. This means that more people are susceptible to infection and some are seriously ill, “said Tedros during the briefing.

“Around 3.4% of cases reported in COVID-19 died globally. By comparison, seasonal influenza typically kills less than 1% of infected people.

Was this based on incomplete data? Naturally.

At a certain level, people who work from an extremely limited dataset are difficult to blame.

This small data collection, on the one hand, affected our approach to this epidemic — and it turns out that, if the latest “best estimation” of the COVID-19 death rate of the Epidemic Control and Prevention Centers is correct, it is 13 times less than the original WHO say.

Statistics show that the mortality rate from COVID-19 could be as low as 0.26 percent based on data received by the CDC before 4/29/2020.

The estimates are based on the newest out of “five COVID-19 Pandemic Forecasting Models that help guide decision-making by the statistical modelers and health officials,” the CDC states.

Does the media overestimate the death rate of the new coronavirus?

“A set of numerical values for biological and epidemiological features for COVID-19 are used for each scenario. These values — known as parameter values — can be used to estimate possible COVID-19 effects in the USA. The value of parameters will be updated and increased over time in each scenario as we learn more about COVID-19 epidemiology.

Situation 5 – the main situation, at least in view of the evidence we have – includes some fascinating details on recent coronavirus death rates.

Data from the CDC indicates that the percentage of symptomatic case fatality is 0.4%.

The more detailed reading of the data shows that it is even lower.

Scenario 5 contains data on “[percentage] of asymptomatic infections,” a figure that is 35%, according to the CDC.

Do the math, therefore: it appears that according to the CDC’s own figures, the mortality rate is just 0.26 percent.

Now, does that really mean that the death rate is 0.26%? Naturally not. Right now, we ‘re at the beginning of the latest coronavirus numbers. What is obvious, however, is that we will not be within the 3.4 percent that the World Health Organization first expected, until all is finished and done.

Many people expected that at the outset, including President Donald Trump, who was mocked on March 4 for claiming that 3.4% were “completely fake” and the real death rate was “under 1%.”

Now, does it mean the president or anyone else who predicted this is physicians or epidemiologists? No. No. But they had a basic understanding of the functioning of statistics. You know that the figures appear to be much higher in the early days of the outbreak, with little research and little evidence.

But Tedros was not the only one who found the death rate of the coronavirus to be greater than current evidence. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease, Head of Dr. Anthony Fauci, said in February that it was 2%.

“In China and you simply make math — the math is roughly 2 per cent when you look at those instances that are brought to the attention of the medical authorities. When looking at other age categories and risk groups, there’s even more fatality, “according to CNBC, Fauci told Congress.

This matters for a reason.

If there is a rapidly spreading disease and the death rate is 2 or 3%, it will indeed be a reasonable reaction to lock down the population.

When we think of anything close to 0.26 trillion, it appears to be an overreaction to bring the planet into a new Grand Depression.

For the novel coronavirus, we do not yet know the final death rate. However, one thing is certain — it is not 3.4% or something near it. It may not be 13 times lower, but at the outset it is much closer to what was predicted.

This has many consequences, even when we begin to think about what we have done to society and to the economy to stop the propagation of the disease.

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Calling e mail-in votes in ‘The Republican Parties Accuse Gavin Newsom’



Calling e mail-in votes in 'The Republican Parties Accuse Gavin Newsom'

On Sunday, republicans fired a vote-by-mail plan against California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Newsom released a Management Order earlier this month to allow postal voting in the fall elections. The order indicated that in-person voting will still be allowed, but clarified that, “every Californian eligible to vote in the General Election of November 3, 2020 shall obtain a vote by mail.”

A legal case has been taken in the United States by the Democratic National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the California Republican Party. The Western District Court in California.

The move aims at California’s news officer and secretary of state Alex Padilla.

“Governor Newsom issued a Management Order aimed at rewriting the whole electoral code of the November 2020 election in a direct usurpation of the legislative authority,” said the prosecution.

“It does not comply with state laws and breaches both the U.S. Election Clause and the U.S. Electoral Clause. Constitution. Constitution: The order of the governor is unconstitutional and should be revoked, “he added.

The complaint alleged that Newsom “created a program that would infringe the freedom of electing people.”

“He produced a catastrophe receipt by immediately demanding that voting-by-mail ballots be sent to any eligible elector — including those who are absent, voters who become null, voters who transferred, electors who died of death and voters who did not wish to vote.

Although every country can accept absentee mail-in votes, according to the lawsuit, California’s efforts are unique.

Do you agree with the GOP lawsuit that e-mail voting is a “disaster recept?”

“No State which holds State elections in all mail on a regular basis mails ballots automatically to inactive voters, as it calls for bribery, intimidation, stealing and any illegal vote. Fraudulent and unjustified votes dilute the votes of honest citizens and in violation of the 14th Amendment they deprive them of their right to vote.

The action was also made, because the governor “reservated the sole discretion of choosing whether and where voting will take place, to deprive voters of their rights. The discretion of the Fourteenth Amendment violates the Equal Protection Clause, “which leads to an arbitrary and disparate vote for individual electorates.

The lawsuit claims that California does not recognize that voting rolls are often inaccurate because of “bureaucratic failure, intentional fraud and mistakes.”

“A state sending ballots to all registered voters will necessarily send votes to people with false registrations, unlawful registrations or outdated registrations, as a result of these widespread inaccuracies. It is a grave threat to the true and perceived integrity of the electoral system that hundreds of thousands of ballots are placed “outside both the control of electoral officials and the hands of voters who are supposed to vote them out of control.”

“This vulnerability is exacerbated by election procedures — that is, concerted attempts to ensure the selection from absentee ballots by third parties and their processing in polling stations or polling sites,” she adds.

The case claimed that polling by email had been the Democratic Party’s primary target.

“To force a hurried switch to no-excuse postal voting, to remove voting-identification requirements and other existing safeguards, the democratic national committee, the Democratic Parties, and various related group organizations throughout the country have filed lawsuits. Democrats advocated these changes long before COVID-19, because they think their electoral prospects will benefit from the resulting free-for-all. The Democrats have not been able to convince lawmakers to support such revisions, arguing that the COVID-19 means that the Constitution is now obliged to make their desired reforms.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel explained in a speech the partisanship of the vote via mail.

Do not make a mistake. This pandemic is being used by democrats to redesign our entire election systems to achieve political gain.

Go to https:/ and help us fight against it!

— McDaniel Ronna (@GOPChairwoman) May 24 , 2020

‘Democrats tend to use this pandemic as a means of enforcing their political voting agenda, and the newest overt assault on the legitimacy of our democracy is the executive order of Governor Newsom,’ she added. “The illegal seizure of power by Newsom is a disaster recipe that destroys the trust Californians merit in their vote.”

“In a pandemic, promoting voting by mail is not partisan-a social obligation to protect voting rights and national welfare” Padilla responded to a Twitter complaint. For years voting by mail in red, blue and purple countries has been used safe and efficiently.

The complaint is just another part of Trump ‘s anti-voting campaign by mail. We won’t encourage this virus to be used to intimidate voters. (2/2) TTC / dGyp5sMbQ2 (2/2)

— Alex Padilla, May 25 , 2020. May 25, 2010.

The Democrats called the prosecution part of the “political disregard for voting by mail” campaign of President Donald Trump. We are not going to allow this virus to be used to abolish the voting.

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