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6 Effective Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed Online and Offline

Regardless of the niche market your business is operating within, your strategy when it comes to the promotion will be directly related to your brand awareness. Some of the most important aspects of constantly raising it are attracting a new audience and potential customers, loyalty levels among the


Regardless of the niche market your business is operating within, your strategy when it comes to the promotion will be directly related to your brand awareness. Some of the most important aspects of constantly raising it are attracting a new audience and potential customers, loyalty levels among the existing clientele, as well as the possibility of widening the range of operation. There are numerous methods you can use to get your brand noticed, and you should choose the most appropriate ones depending on the type of your business. Following the latest trends in digital marketing is crucial, but you should not disregard the importance of connections in the real world, which is especially relevant in the local community.

Improving the quality of your website

Our lifestyles have become overly busy, quite often hectic and fast-paced, and our expectations have accordingly changed. Promoting your business means promoting both your stores and your website, website being particularly significant if you offer online orders and purchases. For this reason, you ought to optimize your website from several points of view, before attracting people to visit it. If your website loads fast, is user-friendly and easy to navigate, the chances are better that visitors will convert to buyers. On the other hand, you will leave people frustrated, which can further lead to the damaging reputation of your brand. Pay attention to technical optimization, constantly evaluate your code in search for any broken links etc. Providing optimal experience, which is friendly for all the devices is the key.

Social media content

Following the “sharing is caring” rule, and understanding the essence of social media possibilities for free promotion of your brand is necessary nowadays. Especially if your target groups are among the most prominent users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. They are used to both sharing and receiving information on a daily basis, increasingly more with the rise of stories. It is an amazing way to regularly remind people of your brand, and publish interesting content in order to get feedback from your followers. You will also enable people to check-in while at your location, or using your products. Furthermore, they will be able to leave reviews and complementary comments, as well as to share said content with their friends, potentially attracting new audiences. And perhaps the most valuable aspect of social media is that you are not limiting communication with customers to business hours only.

Promotional material

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and you should focus on the local community when it comes to giving promotional material. Put your mindset in terms of visibility while brainstorming your options. Bumper stickers are always a great idea, as well as t-shirts and hats with your logo on them. You’ll get the best results if you provide something that will actually be useful for the receivers. Networking with local businesses and help you expand and diversify your company’s clients and followers. This is why you should provide promotional gifts to them, especially the ones with an already established reputation.

Once again, the emphasis should be on practicality, and your logo should be visible, but only subtly. A perfect example of such a present is durable custom logo mats because it is an eco-friendly and quite unconventional way to leave a great impression. An eye-catching solution in combination with your favourite local restaurant or bar can lead their customers to associate you with that positive feeling. In a way, it will act as a sign or a poster, with the main distinction it serves a purpose of keeping the floors clean and dry! You should act in a way for your brand’s image to be associated with uniqueness and originality, so get the creative juices flowing.

Targeted marketing via advertisements is a strategy which obligatory leads to increased sales and revenue. Investing in PPC (pay per click) is highly recommended, considering the method is impartial. Meaning, your advertisements will be published on platforms you choose, and you will only be paying when someone actually clicks on it and lands on your website. Some of the most popular options are advertisements on Google and YouTube, as well as various mobile applications and games which are free to download exactly because they are funded through these paid ads.

Email marketing

There is no excuse which is valid enough for you not to collect email addresses of your clients and use it for the weekly newsletter and other targeted announcements. They will appreciate getting regularly updated, and you can use personalized campaigns for different groups of subscribers. You will enable them to reach you at all times, therefore strengthening both your credibility and your relationship with clients. Among other things, you can send discount codes and other valuable information regarding special offers and promotions.

Organizing events

Digital presence is crucial, but nothing can compare to face to face conversations, and by organizing events, you will show people you want to get closer to them. Offer free consultation during the event, as well as free samples of your products, if applicable. You want to engage people who visit, so you need to include several interesting activities as well. A photo-booth with props is obligatory a bullseye for any event, as everyone will want to take a picture. You should encourage the participants to publish posts on social media, tagging your company’s page. Options are limitless, so you can even make content out of it, and reward the posts with the most likes or shares. It is basically a free marketing campaign, well, other than the cost of rewards you are providing!


Every successful entrepreneur is aware of the importance of constantly raising the company’s brand awareness, and furthermore monitoring and evaluating implemented campaigns. There is always room for improvement, so don’t be shy and rather ask for feedback both online and offline. Ideas we’ve provided are just the tip of the iceberg, something to get you started! Be aware that being flexible and adapting to your target market is the best practice you can follow. That all being said, healthy communication is a trend that is here to stay, so try to encourage more channels for people to reach you, both in person and through various platforms and applications!