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Trump Declares Schools ‘Should be Opened ASAP’



Trump Declares Schools 'Should be Opened ASAP'
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  • Sunday President Donald Trump called for schools to be rebuilt as soon as possible, shutting this spring due to the coronavirus.
  • “ASAP will open schools in our country,” tweeted Trump.

ASAP should be opened to schools in our region. Now, there is a lot of excellent information. @SteveHiltonx @FoxMagazine

— Donald J. Truff (@realDonaldTrump)

The president tagged the reopening of schools on his program “The Next Revolution.” Steve Hilton spoke in the tweet.

Hilton said, Fox News said, “Without now opening schools there won’t be a recovery.

“The parents can’t go to school when children are not able to go to work,” he said.

“Schools must be closed to keep children safe, we are told. “Hilton said, citing the data from centers for the control of diseases and prevention that shows 0.02% of cases of coronavirus are in children under 14 years of age. They ‘re not threatened.

The host of the Fox News has charged the “media misinformer” with “fear-making” about a disease that affects children who test for the virus.

Do you support the US school reopening as soon as possible?

“It’s a handful of cases that we talk about that are almost always treatable,” he said. “How disrespectful to try to threaten parents at their children’s health.”

Hilton said children will not spread the disease to other children at the same rate as adults spread it, which is confirmed by comprehensive evidence for other nations. Others have expressed fears as children could infect adults.

“The psychiatric burden on children grows every day and the loss of learning hurts most poor regions, especially in remote parts of the country with unreliable internet,” he said., “he added.

Hilton said that any chief who does not instantly intend to reopen schools was “a denier of evidence and a denier of science.”

Then Hilton came to his end.

“Get on and reopen schools now and cause more needless harm,” he said. He said.

Hilton played of what he called ‘stupid rules,’ which needed to be enforced after America reopened.

Although it may be appropriate to wear masks, he denounced “totally unnecessary” the “unscientific nonsense” of temperature controls.

He also ridiculed what he called social dissociation “comprehensively arbitrary.”

“Only one or two people at a time allowed in a lift — a good luck trying frankly to open up New York, or any downtown business district,” he said.

“It is typical of our technocratic ruling elite’s infantilizing thinking,” said Hilton.

There were users on Twitter who threw Trump back.

You will take charge of every child that dies. Donald? Donald?

And how many deaths will you accept?

– David Cay Johnston, May 25 , 2020.

My sister is a charter school teacher in New York. Between her, her parents, and the children I’m petrified. Then just think people are going home and infecting others

— Brooke Jones, May 25 , 2020 (@BrookeJ27540191).

Why does this happen? Just two weeks, the school is out in the summer. Why do they have to open at the heart of a pandemic suddenly?

Tami Burages May 25 , 2020 Tami Burages

In the autumn, the CDC published guidance regarding the reopening of schools, but suggested that they are still closed.

The 60-page guidelines of the department include a total of 6 feet of desks in an almost identical direction, lunch in schools, paced time of arrival, fabric masks for staff and daily temperature checks.

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