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It is true. Women have brought a revolution and are looked at differently in today’s world. There was a time when none of this was thought possible. Being a woman was considered to be a curse. They were not given rights, not allowed to work, beaten, and broken by society.

However, hope grows from even where the seems to be none, and in the midst of such crisis, the world was blessed with numerous powerful, headstrong, and passionate women that spoke for the entire woman majority. Their efforts, struggles, and ceaseless working in their respective fields have enabled women all over the world to break free, find their own ground, and stand tall and strong on their feet.

And now, a woman is so much more, but above all, and most of all, a woman is an inspiration. Doctor Ruth Pfau, Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, Jane Austen, Kate Sheppard, Emma Watson, Elaine Brown, Oprah Winfrey, and the list goes on. The history presents countless gems who are an inspiration for the women all around the world even today.

Today, a woman that encourages other women beyond limits and makes them reach their true potentials, Kristina Johnson remains distinguished due to her determination and love for picking up and building women. This 39-year-old entrepreneur, business analyst, and a health & fitness coach is inspiring women across the globe and helping them gain better control of their lives, and making them more confident, happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before.


Kristina R. Johnson was born on February 14, 1981, in Dayton, Ohio, the United States. Raised by loving parents, who were conscious of making a difference in the community, Kristina learned the value of helping people and personal growth from her parents.

During her teenage years, Kristina leaned towards reading many blogs and magazines dedicated to woman growth and beauty and felt the desire to be a part of the acting, modeling, and beauty industry. Soon, she joined the John Casablanca Modeling Acting & Modeling‎ agency located outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was taught and looked over by a professional staff. Kristina learned a lot and became exceptionally well at modeling, acting, and applying make up for every girly situation. Her passion grew more, and she decided to compete in beauty pageants. She entered the ‘Miss TEEN USA Pageant’ participating as MISS DAYTON, OHIO. To her surprise, she was a runner up and got the title of MISS FLORIDA.

Eventually, she decided to pursue her studies, and she took up Nursing. Her love for helping people burnt strong, and she became a certified Certified Nursing assist and Patient care assistant within the local Dayton area hospitals to give back in a caring way.

Later, Kristina turned to Psychology, Business and Japanese. As a highschooler, Kristina was one of 4 students studying Japanese as a secondary language, and this helped her in earning an internship in Okayama City, Japan.  She was an Ambassador for Wright State University, and she assisted Japanese College students with learning English for a year. Her command over the language also came in handy when she worked for several Japanese Companies in Ohio to continue sharpening her Japanese skills.

Kristina was very by their stress-free lifestyle. She applies what she learned from the very country to this day. She loved the experience she gained and enjoyed living a simple and a life full of gratitude. The experience taught her simplification techniques, skills of living abroad, improved her Japanese language, but most of all, she learned the secret to living in the moment.

Coming back to the States brought Kristina closer to studying, and she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Administration. She then started working as a Claim Processor, Provider Rep, Medical Coder, as well as served as a Corporate Trainer. By December 2018, Kristina had not just achieved a great working portfolio; she had also completed three master’s degrees in Business, Informatics, and Health Administration.


Kristina learned a lot from her life experiences. Through her family, her husband, Simeon, who was also her best friend,  friends, co-workers, and her experience, she not only learned to put her education to use but also learned to make a difference in their lives and truly help them. Acquiring the skills to tackle the problems she faced in her workplace and life, Kristina was convinced that her true passion was to help other women who were the victims of the same problems.

Kristina decided to launch a company with the aim of helping women discover themselves and to help them excel in their respective fields. She used her overseas internship experience, her married life, moving from one state to the other, home buying in a recession, home buying at the peep of the market, navigating through the corporate world as a woman, maintaining and keeping herself as a wife and businesswoman successfully, and most importantly, her husband’s support and ideas to create a company for all the women of the world.

Two years later, Kristina launched her company, the Visionary Mindset Academy. Kristina aims to take women on a journey of self-actualization through her academy. She seeks to educate women on topics starting from self- developing to opening and successfully running a business. She also started her own blog, with the goal to motivate, inspire, lift every woman regardless of their ages, race, or any other distinction, and be there, especially when the future seems dull. The blog is especially dedicated to sharing as much information possible for women who are unable to afford investment in themselves or business development courses and packages.

Through her company, Kristina has been able to bring a change in hundreds of women across the world. She excels at what she does, and her efforts are recognized at work, where she breaks the company’s projection goal every recon period, continuing to set the bar higher and higher.

Today, Kristina Johnson is a business analyst, business coach, and health & fitness coach, who has inspired women of all ages, helped them gain confidence in who they are. Her story narrates the idea that if a woman believes in herself, there is nothing she cannot achieve!

google news

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