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Black Pro-Life activists have been arrested outside PP, while tens of thousands have gone free.



Black Pro-Life activists have been arrested outside PP, while tens of thousands have gone free.
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  • You have the freedom to riot and destroy parts of New York City under the cloak of protesting police brutality, but you should not stand outside a space where babies are killed, and try to counsel women who are pregnant.

The fact that two black pro-life women were arrested in Manhattan on Saturday outside the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood because the women did not comply with social separation guidelines shows just how real this message is.

According to Live Action Television, Bevelyn Beatty and Edmee Chavannes, whose arrests have been caught on video, have been summoned to testify in court on charges of fraud.

“For some time, we have stood for the welfare of children and taken the Gospel to these people because they need both assistance and the infants. Their welfare are very important. “Beyond the abolitionist, we believe COVID was used strategically,” said Beatty at Live Action.

Meanwhile, in every corner of the country, thousands of revolts — even in NYC — plunder companies, destroy property, injure innocent people, and most do not respond to anyone.

The Big Apple’s double norm and hypocrisy are evident.

Countless thousands are protesting the senseless deaths of George Floyd, whose death on 25 May in Minneapolis was about nine minutes after a police officer knelt on his back.

In connection with what the medical examiner has ordered a homicide, the former cop was fired and charged with killing.

Were these two pro-life women arrested because they were peacefully outside the clinic?

This has led to several demonstrations peacefully protesting the brutality of the police. However, there have been lawless riots across the country, including in New York City.

Many citizens who demonstrate calmly seek to convey a message of reform, while rioters will cause nothing but terror and chaos.

Meanwhile, Beatty and Chavannes tried, in nonviolent exercise of their First Amendment Rights in the United States Constitution, to make a meaningful difference.

Beatty said in the Facebook video she had captured the event, “we have the right to be here.

The two appeared early Saturday to reach women in the facility looking for an abortion. They haven’t even protested, according to Beatty – they just tried to advise women.

“The barricades were acquired by Planned Parenthood on this particular day, as Beatty and Chavannes said, in order to disrupt the pro-life activities of women, they were placed on either side of the entrance of the building. “Beatty and Chavannes, however, refused to stop this.”

Expected Parenthood protested and told the police of the breach of the social isolation directives given to women by the state and city authorities.

“[Planted Parenthood] doesn’t follow social distancing, you know — the person I’ve been with, so we don’t have to walk social distanzation. However, police said that we violate social distance and only those who work there are supposed to be, “Beatty told Live Action.

“We said we didn’t move because it’s a public sidewalk and we’re entitled to be there. They could be because they are working for Planned Parenthood, but as long as this is a public sidewalk, we can be here. “They can be there.

However, the officers did not budge, and they were arrested after the women failed to drive twice under the orders of the officers.

Again, remind me who are the criminals in this place? Two women who try to make a difference and save unborn Black Babies or women who cause real and permanent damage to structures and lives throughout the city?

According to the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute, almost 60,000 abortions were performed in New York City in 2016. Between 2012-2016, the Wall Street Jurisdiction reported that more black babies (136,426), quoting a report from the NYC Health Department, were aborted in the city (118,127).

Should those chilling figures not scold the people of the town??

People burn the city – most often without consequences – and two black women have been arrested for trying to stop the assassination of black babies.

New York Gov. Andraw Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, Mayor of NYC, lack accountability and equal compliance and have sent a letter to all New Yorkers — go ahead and kill properties openly.

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