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Chief Justice of the Left Wing Judiciary Roberts Sides in Bans in Religious Services



NYPD Chief Terence Monahan addresses rumors about a police shooting.
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The United States last week. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court upheld Gavin Newsom ‘s attack on religious freedom.

Not surprisingly, the four liberal court judges were all side by side with the Church services limitations imposed by the Democratic Governor.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who usually sides with conservative judges, denied Newsom ‘s call for relief, in accordance with his Moderate colleagues.

This is not the first time Roberts has been deceived by conservators, and was nominated to the court by President George W. Bush in 2005. Roberts voted in a ruling in 2012 to uphold Obama’s stance and, following another appeal to the reform legislation before the Supreme Court, he endorsed with his Moderate colleagues three years later.

Roberts recently shouted the fire of conservators when he declined to read a request from Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky during President Donald Trump’s prosecution trial on the grounds of identifying the whistleblower who allegedly unleashed the entire farce on the prosecution.

Now Roberts had the chance to weigh up the executive order of Newsom that limited membership in churches to “25% or 100 members.”

Such restrictions violate the First Amendment to the US are seriously concerned. The constitution guarantees the right of assembly and adoration for Americans.

But these concerns were rejected by Roberts. The chief justice claimed that in defending the limits of Newsom on houses of worship “similar or more severe constraints extend to certain secular gatherings such as … concerts, movies … Athletics and dramatic activity.”

That doesn’t tell the entire story, however. “The basic constitutional challenge is that a comparable secular enterprise, including factories , offices, supermarkets, restaurants , retail outlets, pharmacy stores, shopping malls, pet-packing stores, bookstores, florists and cannabis stores, is not subject to a 25% occupancy limit,” said Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his dissent.

Do you believe that restrictions are unconstitutional for church services?

Kavanaugh therefore concluded, “the 25 percent California occupancy limit in religious services incontroversially discriminates against religion and violates the First Amendment.”

Unfortunately, this study was not concurred by a number of his colleagues.

During the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, other States have placed similar limits on church gatherings. Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat too, said in his new Jersey that, as he was banning religious services in his province, he had not yet remembered First Amendment.

When asked to “sullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order” by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Murphy answered “This is above my wage rating.”

That wasn’t even the worst part of his answer. Murphy admitted that when he took this decision, which Carlson replied, “I can tell,” he did not “think about the Bill of Rights.”

Roberts’ opinion also has implications on the security of “our fundamental right to property, our need to work and our duty to look after all our employees,” as Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy explained in his latest Op-Ed for The Hill.

Robert wrote, “Our Constitution entrusts the constitutionally responsible officers of the States ‘to guard and defend’ with ‘[the protection and health of the people.'”

He further maintained that officials from the government deserved “broad” discretion to “preserve and protect” the Americans from “situations full of medical and scientific uncertainties.”

In other words, government leaders will do whatever they want, irrespective of the restrictions enforced by the Bill of Rights, to ensure “the welfare and health” of the Americans.

McCarthy was also concerned that Roberts’ view “agreement on the no-deferences right to worship because it is an essential freedom expressly protected by the First Amendment,” which makes it distinctly unlike other activities.

Some politicians on the left see the right to worship as less important than any other constitutional right as, as shown by comments by Bill de Blasio from New York Mayor at a news conference Tuesday.

Hamodia reporter asks why protest is allowed when prayer services aren’[email protected] @BilldeBlasio: “400 years of American racism, I’m sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services”

— June 2nd, 2020 Matthew Chayes, June 3rd, 2013;

De Blasio previously threatened members of the Jewish community of New York City and vowed to arrest them if they went to gather for religious services.

In the interest of preserving public safety, Roberts and the Supreme Court are currently subject to green-light limits on religious facilities.

Hopefully, in an effort to achieve “the greatest good” it will not become “new normal” to suspend constitutional rights.

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