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Covid-19 Policy following suspect hydroxychloroquine data Governments and WHO Change Policy



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  • On the back of flawed data from a little-known US health analytics company, the World Health Organization and a number of world governments have altered their Covid-19 policies and treatments.

Surgisphere, whose employees are reported as having a science fiction writer and adult contents model, supplied the database of Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine hydroxychloroquine studies.

An article in the British Medical Journal states that, after other leading journals express concern, the validity of the frequently cited research is in doubt

RT reports: On Wednesday following the pause of the arm of the ‘Solidarity’ clinical trial based on data that appear to show the medicinal product contributed to the higher death rates among the subjects, the World Health Organization (WHO) resumed the tests on the off-patent malaria drug hydroxyloroquine on coronavirus patients These results, as it turned out, came from a small U.S. firm named Surgisphere which is known as defective.

Surgisphere not only is an underdeveloped scientific company-its employees included a “adult” entertainer and a science fiction researcher, but two of the damn research that the company’s evidence was used for hydroxychloroquine which, as advocated by U.S. president Donald Trump, has already been widely demonised in the media. All data is supposedly obtained from a proprietary database which contains a real ocean of patient information, detailed in real time but curiously absent from the medical document.

The surgisphere-tuned study showed an increasing risk of in-hospital death and heart disease-free problems, which showed a lack of profit potential and Trump’s relentless boosterism that medical naysayers are already prone to hate off-patent drugs. Hydroxychloroquine, which is a “increased risk of toxic effects with little to no benefit” was hurried by Italy, France and Germany.

But such a disgraceful assassination on a potentially life-saving medication – particularly one of the most important disease experts, including the French Didier Raoult, who has a decade-long history of malaria and lupus safety and arthritis safety – could only be done with the help of industrial prejudice. Numerous current studies, which showed that hydroxychloroquine was helpful for the treatment of Covide 19 patients early in life, and thousands of successful physicians who used it, required ignore.

It also needed to be confident that a fly-by-night company with no Internet or media presence could make decisions that could affect people’s lives. It’s not that there were no early signals that Surgisphere was anything different than that of the world’s largest medical technology company. In 2008, the company started its career in textbook publishing and hired most of its 11 employees in 1200 hospitals worldwide two months ago, following an investigation by the Guardian. Even a national statistical agency would find it difficult to do what the Surgisphere allegedly did over the years by calling it a “scam.” However, neither Lancet nor the WHO thought of looking at a cup of presents in the mouth – and this did not happen when this gift brought an input into the heart of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19.

And though Australian researchers found holes in the Surgisphere data only days after the release of the Lancet analysis on May 22nd, noting that the number of Covid 19 deaths cited in the analysis as having been identified from five hospitals overruns the amount of Covid 19 deaths registered in Australia at the time.

Instead, the full-front hydroxychloroquine attack was allowed to proceed unnoticed in the media as news outlets concentrated their attention on flapping remodeling-an costly undetermined product developed by Gilead, a drug maker with historically bad clinical outcomes-and stumping for a potential vaccine. The non-patent condition of Hydroxychloroquine meant that it was an impasse for profit while reconstruction and whatever green-light vaccine would ultimately make many people very wealthy. Some shops indicated that Trump might make money from narcotics (which costs about 60 centimes a pill) – but even Snopes, not obsessive of the ‘Poor Orange Guy,’ had to splash cold water on the theory. In terms of distracting their viewers off the true explanation behind his hydroxychloroquine hate.

Timely “expressions of doubt” about the surgisphere hydroxyloroquine trial is published in the Lancet and in the New England journal of medicine and an independent investigation is being performed. But it is impossible to end there from the issue of partial health agencies inappropriately accepting some test findings while rejecting others.

Hydroxychloroquine lacks effectiveness in therapy of Covid-19 is hardly the only Lancet study to show. Multiple studies of hospitalized (e.g. seriously ill) coronavirus patients conducted by the US National Institutes of Health have yielded poor results, but even the most passionate evangelists admit that it helps end-stage patients or very sick patients. In fact, Raoult has stated that France has banned the medication in all but the most chronically ill patients to dismiss it as therapy. Studies published as a potent inhibitor to SARS coronavirus infection by US National Institutes of Health in its diary Virology touting chchloroquine as early as 2005, but Anthony Fauci, coronavirus czar, shades the drug when it takes the chance.

As long as lethal illnesses like Covid-19 are treated as first sources of benefit and second- or third- and tenth—high-profits for human rights), expensive and sometimes inadequate prescription drugs will still be ignored.

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