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Former M16 Chief Says Coronavirus was ‘Man Made’ & ‘Accidently Released’



Former M16 Chief Says Coronavirus was 'Man Made' & 'Accidently Released'
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  • Sir Richard Dearlove, former chief of MI6, has said that his view is that the coronavirus pandemic was “begun as an accident” when a laboratory virus in China escaped.

Dearlove said he saw a “important” new scientific report by British and Norwegian researchers in an interview with The Telegraph, which indicates that the virus did not appear naturally but was created by Chinese scientists.

He reportedly “watered down” the article he cited to delete allegations against Beijing.

RT reports: “I think it started as an accident,” told Telegraph Planet Normal Podcast Sir Richard Dearlove who head of the UK ‘s Top Spy Agency, MI6, from 1999 to 2004.

“It begs the question, is it paying reparations if China would ever accept responsibility? I think that it will make every country in the world think again how the Chinese leadership is handled by the international community.

Dearlove suggested that the virus was not deliberately released but rather accidentally leaked by experiments with bat coronaviruses by Chinese scientists. In order to support his claims, he cited a study recently published by a British Norwegian team which claimed “inserted sections on the SARS-CoV-2 surface spikes,” which allow the virus to contact human cells.

The former MI6 head told the Telegraph that the study had repeatedly been rewritten. The research paper originally reported that it was named “the Wuhan virus,” the name of the Chinese city in which it had first been registered, and reported to have proven that this virus was “engineered.”

The telegraph also said researchers from Francis Crick ‘s Institute and imperial college London had rejected the findings of the study, whereas the study was found unsuitable for publication by “leading academic journals” like Nature and the Journal of Virology.

The report says one of the original authors of the study had removed his name from the research before the paper was “watered down” so that explicit allegations against Beijing could be eliminated. However, before publication, intelligence officials have reportedly checked their findings.

Since the first weeks of the Covid 19 outbreak, media outlets and some Western lawmakers have suggested that a high-profiles virology lab in Wuhan may have triggered the SARS-CoV-2 virus. US officers were especially keen to condemn China for the damage to the epidemic, President Donald Trump saying it would pay the nation for it.

These claims have been denied repeatedly by Beijing.

The U.S. office of the director of National Intelligence stated at the end of April that the virus ‘was not manmade or genetically engineered,’ but that the Guardians had no proof last month of the release of coronavirus from a Chinese lab or that a possible leak might have caused the pandemic.

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