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Here we dig FEW TV Characters who’ve actually Said They Were Bisexual- On and OFF Screen



Rosa Diaz
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As the controversy regarding the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” trend goes on, we look deeper into another topic, BISEXUALITY.  The world is so obsessed with defining sexuality for everyone and attaching labels to it. Any time any person openly leaves the sexual norm, their sexuality becomes, more often than not, the absolute defining characteristic of that person. It becomes the first thing people think about and often the first thing they mention. Every other part of that person all but disappears.

 “All you need to validly be bi is to identify! It’s so true it rhymes”

We witnessed a huge increase in bisexual characters on TV over the past decade and it’s bewildering.

1)  Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa Diaz

Rosa Diaz

Diaz’s storyline reminded me that my sexuality is valid and my love is authentic. Diaz is a leather jacket–wearing, motorcycle-driving crazy woman. She’s tough, smart and unapologetic. She never hesitates to break things around the office, make fun of her co-workers or even threaten them if they ask about her personal life. With her attitude and her permanent scowl, Diaz is downright intimidating. She’s one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever seen. Nobody dares cross her, and I love it.                                                Source- Google

It was hilarious and heart-warming to watch her character grow throughout the seasons, even embracing her softer side when she began dating Adrian Pimento in Season 3. When she came out as bisexual to the rest of the characters in Season 5, Episode 10, I was surprised how naturally it came up — and I can’t help but compare her coming-out to my own. When the internet started spreading rumours that Rosa Diaz was going to come out on Brooklyn 99, I shrugged it off as wishful thinking. I mean, it’s only been the main desire of my heart since I watched the pilot episode in 2013, and that desire only intensified when Stephanie Beatriz casually came out as bisexual on Twitter last year, but come on, it’s a network TV show that already has two Latina characters and a black gay character; no way was Fox going to let the writers make it more diverse. According to Beatriz, Rosa will, in fact, be talking about her love life again. She’s coming out to the whole squad in next week’s 100th episode and later on she’ll be coming out to her parents

2) Polo Benavent, Elite

Polo Benavent

Polo Benavent

Álvaro Rico Ladera (born 13 August 1996)  is a Spanish actor. He is best known for playing the character of Polo in Netflix‘s original series Elite.

He was born 13 August 1996  is a Spanish actor. He is best known for playing the character of Polo in the . Top of Form he initiated his career as an actor in a theater adaptation of La Celestina in 2011. Likewise, he made his television debut through an episode of Medical Center in 2017. Previously, he has played Nicolás in Velvet Colección.

At the end of 2017, he was chosen as one of the protagonists of the second original Spanish Netflix’s series entitled Elite. Since then, he works as an actor in the Netflix series Élite which was produced by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona. He casts alongside co-star Danna Paola, Ester Expósito, and Mina El Hammani. In the series, he starred as a role of Polo who is a bisexual young man. Polo acts in a love trio with Carla (Expósito) and Christian (Herrán)

3) Callie Torres, Grey’s Anatomy

Callie Torres

Callie Torres

On October 8th, 2016, screams of queer elation sounded across the internet: Sara Ramirez, Tony Award winner and star of Grey’s Anatomy, had just come out as bisexual. Some of us had respectfully restrained from speculating about the star’s sexual orientation for many years, but after viewing Ramirez’s incredible speech from the 40 to None Summit in which she described herself as a “multiracial woman, woman of color, queer, bisexual, Mexican-Irish American, immigrant” I couldn’t help but be among those jumping for joy. We knew it. I knew it, However, there is something particularly empowering in knowing that this singular, first incredible queer fictional role model is more than a construction of a writer’s room.

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Since that fateful day in 2016, Ramirez has fully embraced her public persona as a bisexual activist, actor, and icon. In between continuing to support LGBTQ youth, conducting Instagram-accessible lectures on the misconceptions of bisexuality, and winning hearts in the cutest, queerest music video ever, Ramirez has created another undeniably queer role through Kat Sandoval on CBS’ Madam Secretary.

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