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Kanye West gives George Floyd’s daughter 2 million dollars, country school tuition.



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In support of the families of george floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, a western representative told the CNN, Kanye West made a $2 million donation.

The contribution covers legal fees for Arbery and Taylor ‘s families as well as crisis Black companies in his native Chicago and other cities. The donation includes financing.

The president of the West said he had set up a 528 school program for Gianna Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter George Floyd, which would completely cover higher education.

The donation from West comes in the wake of nationwide mass protests after death. Many voices call for an end to structural injustice, police brutality and political policy acts in film.

The first court appearance was held in Thursday afternoon on the day three of the Minneapolis officers who were arrested in Floyd ‘s death as the Floyd family holds one of a series of scheduled memorial services.

Derek Chauvin, the policeman who pinned Floyd nearly nine minutes on his neck was detained last week on charges of third-grade assassination and second-grade killing. He was charged with a more serious second-grade count on Wednesday by the prosecutors.

A black man, Arbery was shot fatally on February 23, while jogging outside Brunswick, GA. In his death, three white men were arrested.

Taylor was an emt who, when three officers entered the apartment at Kentucky by force, was shot at least eight times in March. The FBI has launched a death investigation.

google news

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