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Reasons To Consider Silestone Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen



Reasons To Consider Silestone Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen
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Silestone is considered to be a long-term investment not just because of the quality but its endless design possibilities as well. With Silestone quartz, you’d be able to design your dream kitchen with unique charm and aesthetic appeal that will never fade away.

Upgrading kitchen countertops is not an easy task, as you need to go through a lot – from the selection of right materials to choosing the right color and style to complement the rest of your home interior. However, with Silestone quartz, you can be assured of endless benefits and design options to spruce up any kitchen design.

The best thing about Silestone quartz worktops is that they don’t require sealing them due to their non-porous surfaces. The convenience of not sealing your worktops, again and again, gives an edge to Silestone over other worktop materials. Furthermore, being an engineered stone, quartz won’t demand much maintenance like natural stones. So, it’s another high point about this countertop material.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some exciting aspects of Silestone quartz worktops that make it advantageous for your cooking space.

  1. Silestone adds value to your home

If you want to create an elegant and chic looking kitchen, look no further than Silestone countertops. They are also available in natural stone like designs and patterns. Hence, it enables homeowners to enjoy the natural effects of marble and granite without having to deal with their flaws. Plus, the sophisticated look of Silestone enhances the resale value of a home, as most potential buyers look for a new home with a functional and gorgeous kitchen.

  1. Comes with an extended warranty

Silestone quartz worktops guarantee the best quality and come with an extended warranty of up to 25 years. Such an extended warranty period gives the peace of mind to homeowners and ensures the company’s trust in the durability of their products. This worktop material has also undergone several quality control tests, offering a necessary qualification of being the best kitchen worktop material. That’s what makes it a popular choice of thousands of homes across the world.

  1. Offers endless design possibilities

Another factor that makes Silestone a popular choice among designers and homeowners is that it comes in an extensive range (over 90) of colours. It ensures that homeowners have endless design possibilities to match it with the concept of their house or preference. Besides, Silestone is available in three different finishes – Polish, Volcano and Suede. It means you can customise your kitchen space into any style.

  1. Silestone doesn’t stain with accidental spills

Accidental spills are frequent in busy kitchens. But there is no need to worry if you’ve installed Silestone quartz in your cooking area. The non-porous surface of Silestone doesn’t let spills stain its surface. It means the surface will remain clean and tidy no matter what liquid or food item (be it lemon, wine, vinegar, coffee or any other liquid spillage) spill/drop on it. The confidence in its stain-resistant ability makes it a popular choice among potential or current homeowners.

  1. No bacteria exists on its surface

Due to the porous composition of many natural stones, they are prone to cracks and enable bacterial growth if not appropriately maintained. But this is not an issue with Silestone quartz due to its non-porous surface that makes it bacteria resistant and keeps germs at bay. Bacteria usually begin to grow in unchecked porous areas of countertops, where they could multiply within a few hours. But Silestone worktops feature no cracks or pores on its surface and hence, give you peace of mind that bacteria won’t grow due to spills, uncooked meat and food crumbs on its surface. It makes these worktops hygienic for food preparations.

  1. Adaptable to any kitchen style

Since Silestone is available in the form of slabs of different finishes and thicknesses, there are no limitations to your design creations. You can choose Silestone quartz in any desired slab size, width and finish to complement any kitchen interior. It also enables you to enhance your cooking space with a unique style that speaks volumes about your style and preferences.

  1. Low maintenance

All thanks to the non-porous property of Silestone, there won’t be any problems with staining. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time cleaning its surface. You can easily clean it using a simple cleaning agent and clean cloth. It will make your life in the kitchen simple, flawless and enjoyable.

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