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We ‘Defunde The Police’; LA Mayor To Cut $150M LAPD To ‘Reinvest’ In Hollywood Celebs Demand We…



Hollywood Celebs Demand We ‘Defund The Police’; LA Mayor To Cut $150M From LAPD To ‘Reinvest’ in...
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Prominent Hollywood figures such as Natalie Portman, John Legend and Lizzo demand society to ‘defund the police’ as a response to ‘systemic racism.’

The most dangerously insane of Hollywood ‘s latest political initiative may still be.

A increasing number of celebrities on the list sign an open letter calling for the elimination of security forces in the United States as a reaction to police Brutality and Structural Injustice in favor of a progressive economic and social justice movement Black Lives Matter.

It’s news that the city of Los Angeles has cut up to 150 million dollars by LAPD (LAPD) and ‘reinvest” funds in the local black community as Mayor Eric Garcetti announces on Wednesday night.

“It’s bigger than a budget, but I would like you to know we ‘re not going to increase our budget for police – what can we do right now? “Pregnated Garcetti.

“We must all step up by saying: What sacrifice can we make? “Racial justice,” he said, “would be worthy of sacrifice.”

During the presentation of Garcetti, President Eileen Decker spoke and estimated the police cuts to $100 million to $15 million.

The Left claims that George Floyd died by officer Derek Chauvin, which has led to national protests, from these social ills. Newsbuster reports are: Newsbusters report. While this protest, on behalf of Black Lives Matter, has in many places become a destructive riot, raising the need for more police officer.

The coverage of the killing of former African American police capitane David Dorn has made this effort especially ironic.

The Us magazine has written a letter asking for cash to be removed from police departments across the world, according to an entertainment website: The “4 Black Lives Campaign,” a “coalition of more than 100 groups serving black communities.” The coalition considered that “the money being re-used for positive resources,” such as “education , health” and different “community programs,” would “create a better future for everyone.”

Black Lives Matter has introduced on June 2 or “Blackout Tuesday” the celebrities’ letter, an industry-wide shutdown to increase awareness of social injustices that the Africa-American culture has been undermined for decades now.

Besides Legende, Lizzo and Portman, Taraji P. Henson, the left diehard Jane Fonda and Common rapper have signed the letter with their signatures. Megan Rapinoe, female football star. The Black Lives Matter has been given a donation by other famous people such as Chrissy Teigen, Blake Lively and Musician The Weeknd.

Teigen even donated $200,000 in bail money for people detained during rough protests, once again, making it necessary for more street police to deal with the wave of protesters.

Despiten the turbulent state of unrest in the United States Patrisse Cullors was hesitant to deplete police funding, Black Lives Matter and Campaign 4 Black Lives co-founder. “One of our biggest demands now is to defuse law enforcement, reallocate the money it has gained over the years and give them back to the people,” She told Variety.

And look, we would never blame her for deadly riots, but the very fact that the BLM effort has turned to riots proves that the human nature will not be in a happy, lucky place without enforcement peacefully. Cullors has assured readers, the movement is “a world rooted in care and love and humanity for every person.”

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