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Where America Burns, George W. Bush commends ‘Protestors’ on ‘Better Future’ and ‘Turning Peace’



Former President George W. Bush has praised the "protesters" who he says are marching for "a better future" and "lasting peace" while hundreds of cities across the country are engulfed in chaos and organized destruction.
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Ex-President George W. Bush lauded the “protesters” he claims march for “a brighter life” and “true peace” while the anarchy and coordinated devastation are in hundreds of cities across the world.

Bush said he and Laura Bush were scared, former first lady, of George Floyd ‘s death, and troubled by what they have ever been hearing and gossiping about legal demonstrations.

‘It’s a force to march for a better future,’ Bush said. Protesters, protected by responsible law enforcement.

“We also know, however, that lasting peace is truly equal in our communities,” said the ex-chairman.

“Delooting is not freedom and destruction is not progress,” he added.

Ex-President George W. Bush praised “demonstrators” who march for “a better future.”

DailyMail report: Trump described protesters as ‘anarchists, looters or thugs’ on Tuesday targeting Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Bush first explained his reluctance to release one of his statements.

He and the first lady said, ‘resisted the urge to speak out because we don’t have time to read.’

‘It’s time we heard,’ said he.

Former President George W. Bush teamed up with former President Bill Clinton to attack President Trump's foreign policy on Wednesday.
Former President George W. Bush has praised “protestors” who are marching for “a better future.”

But it was also time for Bush to look at its ‘tragedy’ defects.

He said that the country could find its “rescue forces,” which included peaceful protests.

“There remains a shocking failure to harass and threaten many African Americans in their own country , especially young African American men,” Bush said.

‘It raises the long overdue question of how to put a stop to systemic racism in our society in a long series of similar tragic events. ‘Prayed Bush.

Bush indicated that it could arise by listening to Americans who “hurt and sorrow.”

‘They who silence those voices don’t realize America’s meaning – or how it will become a better place,’ he said.

Bush has been referring to what He terms “the American icons,” Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr.

‘It was never their lure for the fainthearted. Often they revealed the disturbing bigotry and exploitation of the nation – it is difficult for the US majority to investigate our personality, “Bush said.

“Only through the eyes of the menaced, oppressed and disenfranchised can we see the reality of America’s need,” the ex-president said.

And that’s what he now suggested the country had to do.

“Without an urgent and adequate reaction from US institutions, black people view their rights repeatedly being violated,” he said.

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