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An Expert Explains how to do a Tarot Reading



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According to OnlineTarotReadings.Net, almost everyone is wondering about the different aspects of their future-their love life, career, health, and stability. An expert also noted that every individual is eager to search for answers, and they tend to rely on shamans, stars, oracles, gypsies, and tarot readings to find the answers that cannot just answer by an ordinary Yes or No.

A professional in healing methods like aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Sage Goddess founder Dr. Athena Perrakis is also an expert in fortune-telling methods like Reiki, astrology, and tarot reading. She started to become aware of the tarot’s powers at age 16, while she began practicing the application of its capabilities by tarot reading at 18. With the years of exposure and experience, she has gained a lot of knowledge and expertise, especially when it comes to tarot cards.

For those who encounter the concept of tarot cards for the first time, Dr. Athena explained that the usage of tarot cards as a divination tool started as early as the seventeenth century. For her, tarot card reading is a unique practice in which a reader calls upon these individual cards to provide guidance and wisdom to those anyone seeking it.

How the Tarot Cards Originate

For Dr. Athena, the exact origin of the tarot cards remained unknown up to this day. However, its popularity spread quickly, and the practice of using these cards was documented in Europe as early as the fourteenth century. Back then, tarot cards are used by wealthy people for their leisure, and they use it nowadays, like how we do in traditional cards. But the divination practice, like the interpretation of symbolic figures, can be traced as early as the seventeenth century. 

The Goal of Tarot Card Reading

As mentioned, tarot cards provide guidance and wisdom, especially on the seemingly impossible things to answer. For Perrakis, most of the time, the answers in these questions are already inside ourselves. It’s just that there are times that people tend to disconnect themselves from our intuition and wisdom, and people need something to guide them to keep their trackback on their own and existing knowledge about their lives. 

She noted that the concept of tarot cards to predict what the future will bring is a misguided belief. Instead, those deck of cards aims to give a developed awareness of what people already know but are not conscious about it.

The Readings Tarot Cards Demand

For her, everyone has a different reading, but mostly, the reading starts with personal and straightforward questions. Some of these topics are about family, love, and career. The moment the question asks, the reading starts to happen. 

There are different tarot card spread methods a reader can choose. There is a ten-card Celtic Cross spread that gives an in-depth and detailed reading. There is also a quick Three Card Spread that is also effective in looking at a person’s past, present, and future. 

How to do a Personal Tarot Card Reading

Perrakis explained that there isn’t any specific way to do a reading, yet there are different methods. In her case, she always follows her intuition when she does her readings. There are also options like putting gemstones, special herbs, and white sage around during the reading process. 

For starters, she recommends using the Three Card Spreader. In this method, the reader starts by asking questions. Afterward, the deck will be shuffled, and either the reader or the inquirer will pick three cards that resemble the past, present, and future of the inquirer. 

Finally, Perrakis noted that anyone can do the tarot reading and doesn’t need to be an entire expert. For her, all it needs is patience and continuous practice with one’s self or with friends and loved ones.  

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