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E-Learning Not the Same as Learning

The world of education is always evolving. We can see many changes and improvements every successive year. There is a massive transformation in the education sector that has impacted the teaching-learning process and changed student’s lives. From the past few years, it has been noticed that patterns

Online Learning
Online Learning

The world of education is always evolving. We can see many changes and improvements every successive year. There is a massive transformation in the education sector that has impacted the teaching-learning process and changed student’s lives. From the past few years, it has been noticed that patterns and models of education are changing the way students engage with courses and content. Teachers used to teach the students as they had learned, but now the scenario is different, the new education system promotes an agile teacher model.

The new evolution of education is heralded by MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Today, you will find online courses related to every field, be it finance, retail, telecommunication, or even manufacturing. Through these courses, you can also obtain certification, like online ITIL certification, PMP certification, machine learning certification, and more. A lot has changed in the approaches, methods or techniques of teaching in education. The use of computers in education is evidently the greatest change and has affected every individual and the entire society. Technology has opened up the world for students and professionals alike, information is on their fingertips now. The use of blackboards, whiteboards, and chalk have been replaced with smart boards, LCD projectors, video streaming, and document scanners.

Disadvantages of Traditional Learning System

Traditional education is our primitive education system. It is all about the students gathered under a roof at a specific time and specific place, and the teaching style is teacher-driven. The knowledge gained by the students or learners depends on the knowledge of the instructor or teacher. Here are some disadvantages of the traditional learning system:

Inflexibility- The traditional learning system has a fixed time schedule which is challenging for students. There are many difficulties to cope up with.

Simple learning- Traditional systems follow very simple learnings that are not advanced and up-to-date. Learners had to spend much time learning and studying. As every student has varying talent and interest but they learn only what their mentor knows.

Extravagant- It is very expensive as many schools charge high for several facilities and tuition fees for their instructor. Everyone can not afford it.

Teacher-Centered Learning- In the traditional system the main source of information is books and teachers only. Students could not get extra knowledge and information as they are restricted to get it only from books, lectures, and teachers.

Passive Students- With the old system of learning, students can not focus on lectures for a long time. And there are so many students who become passive listeners and their focus sets in the wrong direction.

Stress of Presentations and Projects- The teachers are conveying their limited knowledge in a restricted period of time, so there is less time left for practice for students. They have to pay more attention to projects and presentations, which they have to do at home, in extra time.

With the vast use of technology and new learning skills, the traditional system of learning is getting unpopular day by day.

eLearning and its Benefits

eLearning or electronic learning is a way of learning that utilizes electronic technologies to access educational activities outside of a traditional classroom. In other words, it delivers training, education, and learning online through a computer, smartphones, or any other digital device. eLearning is easy for users to learn anytime, anywhere with fewer restrictions. It is also defined as courses that are specifically delivered through the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor is teaching.

Benefits of eLearning

Here are features of eLearning that make it advantageous to students.

  • Learnings for Everyone’s Need- eLearning is best suited for everyone. Besides regular students, professionals, and self-employed people can also take eLearning courses at their own time and comfort. The eLearning revolution has changed the way of education, now everyone can learn online with ease.
  • Updated Content- It always offers updated content that makes learners up-to-date with new information and courses through modern mentors.
  • Cost-Effective- eLearning reduces the cost of learning as there are fewer expenses for course material, papers, travel, tuition, and classroom maintenance. It helps in enhancing the profitability of an organization.
  • Quick Access- eLearning provides quick delivery of lessons and lectures, and allows real-time access to the content. It saves the time of students and learners as they can define their own speed of learning instead of following the speed of the whole group.
  • Flexibility- The prime advantage of eLearning is its flexibility, which offers you access to the content anytime, anywhere, and unlimited numbers of time.

How to Choose a Reliable eLearning Provider

Several companies, organizations, and institutes have tried their hands in eLearning. So it may become difficult for you to select an appropriate one given the number of options available.

Here are some key factors, that can help you in choosing a reliable training provider:

  • Check Your Expects- Before choosing the best provider, there is a need to check your expectations first. Common expectations are a good composition of the team, their experience, past work, focus on eLearning, development process, etc.
  • Provider’s Services- For better learning, choose a supplier that provides both courses and software for learning management which is compatible with the learning platform.
  • Supplier’s reputation- Big eLearning providers seem more reliable and credible, as they can provide numerous lecturers on courses covering most areas of knowledge. Always consider the provider’s main client and ask for the references.
  • Course Quality- Check the demos offered for courses and content they provide because even reputable providers may not meet your expectations. Also, check about the mentor’s profile and their educational & professional background.
  • Provider’s technologies- Always try to choose technologically advanced learning providers because modern learning can give you much more than traditional learning.
  • Check for User-Friendly interface- Learners can enjoy learning with a well-managed and convenient platform. They can find interfaces user-friendly when it’s easy to access the course, be it on desktop or mobile application.

eLearning is full of advantages and is very beneficial compared to the traditional learning system. But there are some restrictions also with it. In this digital age, eLearning is coming up as a boon to the education system. Choose your learning provider wisely and get maximum benefits of eLearning.