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How to Dig a Trench for a Sewer Line Replacement



How to Dig a Trench for a Sewer Line Replacement
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Digging a trench for a sewer line mostly depends on your hard-working, it is immensely demanding physically, though it is not technically challenging. However, failed sewer lines probably will strike fear in the homeowner’s hearts. First replacing sewer lines can cause a big dent in many people’s bank account or the ones which have wholly failed, which means that the all process of water operations at home will eventually cease: sinks, showers, toilets, and bathrooms.

As are results there is a need for you to know that working and digging in deep trenches may be quiet dangerous, therefore consider getting Plumbers in Plano TX, to guide you with all necessary precautions to avoid unfortunate accidents. Besides, the following guide will assist in knowing all that you need when digging a trench for sewer line replacement.

For you to have a successful dig, you need to have the following working equipment; shovel, pickax, marking paint, chain saw, and sledgehammer.


  1. Locate the sewer line

In case you have no idea of the sewer line replacement location, look for a video camera inspection to help you, since you need to have the right spot when digging the sewer line. The Plumbers in Plano will run the video camera down and out from the sewer cleanout and, and the process cannot be stopped at various points. That camera consists of the radio transmitter which signals its location, at some point when the technician sweeps the locator down the ground to read the signal, you need to be alert to be as accurate as possible—Mark the territory and paint along the whole length of the pipe.

  1. Apply for permit

Getting a permit it is guaranteed safety measure to make sure that the work is done in the right way, an inspector from your community will pay a visit to the worksite and ensure that you’re working, in compliance with correct code. The sewer line replacement is done, especially when a new sewer line installed but before filling the trench.

  1. Locate the Utility lines

Contact your local utility locator’s number; usually, it is free service to the residents that are managed and funded by utility companies. Plumbers in Plano TX will mark the yard for water, gas, electricity, and all vital services. But also remember there may be other installed services in your homeowners, such as landscape light and sprinkler lines, note that this is supposed to be marked by utility companies.

  1. Remove or Break Obstructions

Before getting to the soil, you nave to break obstructions such as slabs, brick sidewalks, and concrete or driveways. Starting on the edge used to 8- pound sledgehammer, to break up these concentrations, the massive concrete structures it essential to rent chipping gun or a jackhammer at a tool rental center.

  1. Dig the Sewer Trench

Minimizing side digging, dig straight down as much as possible for the time being; as you dig, you may be required to saw off the tree, clip, and shrub roots as you meet them. Some sources should be clipped with a hand saw or pruning shears. Heavier ones need a chainsaw.

  1. Assess the sewer Line Problem

The depth at which you may access the sewer line it varies as shallow as 5 or 6 feet, 18 to 30 inches, if the sewer problem is emergency, you may smell the pipe before seeing it. In case it is well laid, the gravel layer will inform when you are close to the sewer. At this point dig carefully to remove to excavate space on the sewer line, which may be a cast iron pipe or plastic pipe.

  1. Finish the Project

After completing the replacement, ensure that the work is inspected before filling the trench with soil and gravity. Filling the trench compresses the ground to avoid future settling of the earth.

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