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Water Damage Restoration Steps



Water Damage Restoration Steps
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Water damage in any home or property can be as a result of common issues like flooding, burst/leaking pipes, clogged gutters, etc. When confronted by a water damage issue, the affected person should call upon the help of a professional residential and commercial water damage repair in Orange County.

Water damage restoration professionals have the necessary expertise and equipment. Because of that, they are capable of eliminating the existing water damage and return the affected property to its best while in the condition.

An expert in restoration relies on a scientific and highly regulated approach in water removal and the subsequent cleanup. During the water damage restoration process, there is a strong emphasis on watching closely and documenting the process of drying.

When dealing with water damage, appreciate that it requires the use of a unique solution even though the general process of dealing with the issue is mostly the same. Consequently, below are the critical steps to learn about the process of water damage restoration.

  • Emergency Contact

As said earlier, the first step when confronted with a water damage issue is to seek the service of a water restoration expert.

See to it that contacting a professional is done as soon as possible since it can significantly impact on the fastness and effectiveness of the restoration. Faster contact means an expert is in a better position in coming to the rescue in a quicker and more efficient manner.

  • Water Damage Inspection And Assessment

After contacting a commercial water damage repair in Orange County service, they will respond swiftly to the issue. Once on the site, they will carefully inspect the water damage extent caused to the property.

The inspection involves not only determining the water damage type but also ascertaining the particular area or areas affected. Doing that is essential in coming up with a useful plan of action to deliver a timely and successful restoration service.

  • Water Removal/Extraction

The water removal step involves using capable pumps and vacuums for often extracting a lot of water gallons, ranging from hundreds to thousands.

Water damage restoration professionals recognize why this particular step must be carried out as quickly as possible. This is vital to safeguard against potential extensive damage and mold growth in the property.

  • Drying and Dehumidification

Now, once most of the water affecting the property has been successfully removed, the water proving challenging to access and eliminate becomes the main focus.

A restoration expert employs the use of specialized equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers for extracting any remaining water. There is a reliance on only scientific methods for drying and ensuring total elimination of the hard to reach water and moisture in the property.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

When any property experiences water damage, often belongings like clothing, personal items, and furniture are also affected. The good news is that when using a professional restoration company, cleaning and salvaging restorable items becomes possible. For the cleaning, different specialized cleaning techniques are relied upon.

Besides, the restoration company also uses a fogging machine and industrial air scrubbers for sanitizing the belongings with antimicrobial treatments and eliminating odors.

  • Restoration

This marks the last step when it comes to water damage restoration process. As the name of the action suggests, it involves returning the affected work or living space to its initial condition before the damage.

The restoration step can either be done in a minor or significant way. For instance, minor water damage restoration may involve the replacement of just a couple of drywall panels. On the other hand, considerable repair can include building an entire room or rooms for a business or a home.

In Conclusion

For commercial water damage repair in Orange County, use the service of contractor or company having the requisite capabilities, training, equipment and experience. The people who use such a service are in an excellent position to benefit from a safe, effective and relatively inexpensive water damage repair.

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