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Stop Kids from Getting Exposed To Fake News Regarding COVID-19



Fake News Regarding COVID-19
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2020 has been a year full of surprises and all about making changes in our lives. Who would have thought that all the hustle-bustle of life would be paused and the world would be static? A pandemic has changed the whole definition of normal life. People are forced to remain at home and in case if they have to go out they have to follow the protocol and Sop. May be John it all happened because you need to watch that Elsa Anna movie for the 12th hundredth times with Ellie? just saying. But on the lighter note, we have the opportunity to make this whole quarantine time worthy by staying home and spending quality time with the kids and elders.

The whole world is closed, this is a serious matter no one has ever gone through this kind of experience in the present century and that’s why it is difficult for people to deal with it without being anxious. In these circumstances, it is necessary to minimize the effects of breaking news coming from all around the world. One can have a monitoring app installed in the kid’s cell phones and other gadgets so that all kinds of news does not make them anxious and affect their mental health. Among all the monitoring apps present in the store we are here to talk about one of the finest and efficient The OgyMogy. Phone spy software build to help those parents who are worried about their wellbeing as well as employees who need to be monitored.

Use Website Filtering:

With the outbreak of the viral disease in china and its spread all around the globe, people have been making a million kinds of speculations about the spread. There have been online discussions and fake news regarding different matters for example drinking hot water all day can save you from the novel coronavirus and many more. So to make sure you block all these kinds of websites immediately using OgyMogy.

Observe Their Browsing History and Bookmarks:

You can keep an eye on the internet browsing history of your child using the track internet browsing history feature of OgyMogy. It will tell you if your child is frequently visiting any site that spreads rumors or fake news. You can check your kid’s interest during the Quarantine period by watching the bookmarked tab.

Social Media The Hub Of Fake News:

Social media users have been excessively increased during the lockdown period. As people have plenty of time so they have reactivated their user accounts and are seen online more frequently than ever. With this change, there has been a high risk of the spread of fake news. Just for some clicks and followers people distort the truth and post it online which is then spread like fire all around the globe thanks to social media So it is need of the hour that your child social media activities are monitored thoroughly and make sure he or she doesn’t get involved in the spread of any kind of fake news.

Facebook Spy App:

It allows the user to have full access to all kinds of chats, keystrokes applied and activity happening in the target person’s account. Face book spy app allows the parents to know about the voice log details as well. So with the FaceBook spy app, you can check if your kids are into any bogus news sites etc.

WhatsApp Spy App:

Another main social media platform that can be a source of the spread of fake news is WhatsApp. People share any kind of message in group chats without conformation thus can be sources of misunderstanding. WhatsApp spy app allows the parents to have full access to all the chats messages and media sharing through WhatsApp. You can assure your child’s mental health safety by keeping an eye on all group chats as well and block all the suspicious users.

The app also has a Skype spy app, Twitter, Instagram, and many others .So make sure you block any kind of malicious material from your child’s media accounts.

So select the desired package and install the OgyMogy app by following simple steps. It will make your life easier and more peaceful.

google news