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How to Choose a Holiday Photo Card



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Taking photos of ourselves on holidays is something we all do. The best photos get lost if they are not put into holiday photo cards.

The problem will come when choosing a holiday photo card in which to put the photos. Traditional cards have almost been entirely replaced by photo cards which are slowly being replaced by digital photo cards.

However, choosing a physical or digital photo card involves the same elements. The following tips should help you choose a worthy holiday photo card:

Choose the Photo

The first step before anything will be choosing the photo that you will put inside the card. In some cards, you may be able to put multiple pictures so you will have to choose several photos.

With so much storage capacity nowadays, you will probably have taken dozens of photos. It will be difficult to narrow it to only a few or a single picture.

The picture you choose will determine the size and nature of the card. Therefore, you should take your time before you find the one(s) you will put on the card.   


Every holiday photo card has a design or theme. They add more variety and give you plenty of opportunities to experiment particularly with a holiday photo card.

There are designs that are colorful and eccentric while others are plain and neutral. The design you choose will ultimately depend on your personal tastes and preferences.

However, you should choose a design that leaves enough space to put in your photo. The design should also allow you the freedom to make the changes you want.


There are so many ways to customize a holiday photo card these days; you will literally be spoiled with the choices you have. The ability to customize your holiday photo card means you can make it your own.

Many people will choose a design that has been used before or made by another person. Feel free to express yourself and you can even come up with a design of your own if you don’t find any you like.

The holiday photo card will ring true and keep your memories alive if done right. The point, in this case, is that it is up to you to make a card that will make an impact.


The size of the holiday photo card is extremely crucial particularly if you plan on sending it. Generally, a holiday photo card should not exceed A4 size. However, smaller sizes are often recommended.

The photo to be placed in the holiday card will determine the size of the card. If you have any design customization ideas, you will probably require a larger card.

A good rule of thumb is to keep it short and simple. To paraphrase the popular saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.

As you can see there are several elements to selecting a holiday photo card. If you can look at the four above, you should choose a satisfactory one.

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