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5 Best Websites: Convert PPTs To PDF files



Convert PPTs To PDF files
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The Microsoft PowerPoint is a standard format used by students, colleagues, or other professionals when it comes to presentations. One downside of this format is that not all systems support it. A lot has been facing problems when it comes to converting ppts to pdf files, especially those who are not tech-savvy.

Many developers have come up with websites with tools that allow you to convert your file easily. There are endless sites available on the world wide web, but we have sorted out five best converting applications or websites that will make your process quick and hassle-free.


Using this website, you can easily convert your ppt to pdf with just a few clicks. Saving a file has never been made easier if you know your way around this software. They made sure that the quality of your PowerPoint slides will exactly remain when converting to PDF.

Privacy is also brought up by PDFBear to ensure the safety of your uploaded files. After completing the conversion of your ppt to pdf, you can download the file a couple of times before it gets deleted. All available operating systems support the software’s conversion tool. You don’t need to do a lot; click convert PPT to PDF, then you are good to go.


Unlike other converters, this program does not have an elite interface, but it works like no other. Online2PDF allows you to convert small PPTS files to PDF even if it is not appealing to the eyes. Two modes are presented for the output of the PDF files; you can either make a PDF from the PPT or create a PDF file for every page inside the data.

Online2PDF will allow you to select pages you wish to convert, but you can save only a maximum of 20 files that are not higher than 50MB. Once you’re done, when you open the file, its content will be precisely the same because only the format is changed. No need to worry about the unwanted rearrangement of files.

Nitro Powerpoint to PDF

Nitro Powerpoint is an online software created that is used to convert Microsoft documents to PDF files. The service offers options for free users and gives premium features for membership accounts.

It is a software that will require you to provide an email address for the conversion to begin.  Giving out email addresses may not be a choice for other people to avoid having mailbox spams. This program ensures that spams will not be delivered to your inbox for the privacy and safety of the user’s information. After converting, the file be directly sent to your email address.

Small PPT To PDF Converter

Small PPT is developed by the company of Small PDF. This converter provides interfaces that are enhanced and converts in seconds. It also offers more options,  not just ppt to pdf conversions. Using this will not change the content itself, and their program secures data.

The website will allow you to drag and drop any PowerPoint files from your desktop, or you can add the data from accessible services like the cloud. It supports both old and new formats.  After converting the files, it merges them to form a new PDF file. These newly converted files can be uploaded again in other services.

When using the Acrobat tool in converting PPT files to PDF, each of the slides will be made into a single pdf page once the saved data is finished. It remains the format of the document creating the contents of your information the same as expected, may it be presented using the platforms Mac or Windows.

Adobe can easily convert PowerPoint to PDF because its online services are available for all. After the whole process, you can share your PDF without worrying that the contents or formats of the slides are changed. Adobe itself invented the PDF format, so it is not a question that the output of the conversion will have the highest quality ever.


Converting PowerPoint(PPT) to PDF is now frequently practiced by students, workers, and more. Slide sharing is essential when it comes to presentations of data. This article presented websites that would help you convert PowerPoints to PDF files to prevent technical difficulties if a device does not support PPT formats.

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