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Exporting Digital Solutions: 9 Fascinating Tricks You Can Do With PDFs



Exporting Digital Solutions 9 Fascinating Tricks You Can Do With PDFs
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From the classroom to an office everyday task, PDF files can be practically useful for everything. It offers various features and capabilities that are often not available from other conventional file formats. Check out these following fascinating PDF tricks that exceed the traditional functions of most formats.

Split Your PDFs Via

If you are reading long passages from a specific PDF, you can split pdf via to separate the passage or pages and make individual chapters. This method allows you to save, mark, or send necessary readings you only need.

Convert Your Whiteboard Notes Into PDF

You can take a photo of the Whiteboard notes through your phone and upload them to your Nitro Cloud account. This trick is essentially helpful if you do not have enough time to copy down the necessary whiteboard notes.

After uploading the images to your Nitro Cloud account, you can access it via a browser on any technological devices, and download them as a single PDF file. It crucially gives users convenient and easy access they want since they only need to scan notes on their phones instead of taking down notes.

Download Wikipedia Articles As PDFs

This is fundamentally helpful for those who love to read Wikipedia articles and want to download them offline. Just click the print section of Wikipedia in its left navigation menu, and select “Download as PDF” to fully export the files as PDF documents and access it without an internet connection.

Directly Save Your PDFs to OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive

For anywhere and anytime access, you can directly save your PDFs to your cloud storage accounts without any hassle. This is especially beneficial for Nitro Pro 10 users for the fastest and effortless file transfer. Just open your documents in Nitro Pro, click File, and “Save As,” then select where you prefer your PDF files to be saved.

Incorporate Media

Turn your documents into a fully interactive file type. With this newest advanced digital solution, you can directly add audio, video, Flash, and other interactive experiences into a single PDF. Reader 9 and Adobe Reader X are two of the common readers you can use for seamless playback and complete media interactive experience.

Add Digital Signatures

Adding digital signatures to legal documents in government is now a popular method nowadays as a sign of authenticity, integrity, and authority. Signing your PDF documents or by simply putting timestamps validates its authenticity when hundred over to the recipients.

Edit PDF Files

In case you need to add some comments or make necessary changes with the document, you can freely edit PDFs. This is one of the best things about this file format, allowing you to edit without any hassle on your part. Tools like TOUCHPDF and PDFzen are two of the popular choices. There are also offline editing tools like Foxit and nitro pdf.

Extract Texts From Scanned PDF Files

Google Docs can be used when you want to extract some texts from scanned PDF files. You just have to make a few steps: transfer or upload the file to your Google Docs, and it will immediately convert the scanned files into a format, which you can easily copy the document’s text. Aside from Google Docs, FreeOcr and online OCR are other great options.

Compress PDF Documents

Let’s say that you intended to send your PDF document via email, but due to its large quantity, Gmail restricts you from sending it. Thus, it would be best if you compressed it as much as possible while also assuring the original content’s quality. You can easily compress PDFs via software like PDFaid and 7-Zip.


From academic to business purposes, the tricks mentioned above are some of the latest digital solutions for file reading and sharing. These let your mobile device and desktop become more useful for your day-to-day digital task, making it fast, easy, and interactive. In just a single click, you can have the type of document you want and ready to use.

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