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Health Issues Women Face as They Grow Old



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We all face health issues at every stage of life. However, it isn’t easy when you are a woman, and even more complicated when growing old. A young body is strong enough to fight and survive many diseases, but that’s not the case with middle-age and older women.  Here are some health issues all women will face as they get old.

More Prone to Flu

Your immune system gets weak with time. It no longer has the strength to fight issues like flu without the help of medication. Flu doesn’t stop at just a running nose. It raises many complications, like pneumonia and sepsis, when you are old. So, you will have to take a yearly flu shot.


There comes a time after the age of forty-five when you no longer have to deal with periods. It is called menopause when a woman hasn’t had a period for one year. While it may sound relieving, the menopause itself comes with many complications. Some common issues include headaches, vaginal dryness, hot flushes, and decreased libido. You will have to take medications like Estradiol to deal with them. However, it is suggested to also learn about Estradiol side effects before you take them.

Uncontrollable Weight Gain

All women hate weight gain. That’s why many follow a strict diet and exercise routine to keep control of their body. It’s already difficult enough; it becomes even more challenging when you are aging. You start to lose muscles with age, become less active, and burn fewer calories after the same workout.

Health threats like hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes associated with weight gain and obesity might also come knocking at your door. However, we have seen many aged women who look better than most girls in their twenties.

Bones Become Weak

You will start to learn why seniors are afraid of falling. A twenty-year-old can run and jump right into the wall and still walk away as nothing happened. Unfortunately, aged people have fragile bones. You will feel your bones getting weak as you grow old. This also affects your balance and makes it difficult to be steady on your feet.


Among many physical health issues, we can’t underestimate mental issues that make everything even worse. Many people even find asking themselves if there is any happiness after forty as they are more prone to depression. You start to feel like your life is over, and you are insignificant and alone with no purpose.

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