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Meet America’s Best Temporary Staffing Companies 2020



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David Savitsky, co-founder and CEO of ATC Healthcare Services, wasted little time organizing his team when the coronavirus began spreading across the United States in the month of February. He realized that in New York City hospitals needed help and that his temporary workers’ company could play a leading role. By late March his prediction was correct, and New York City hospitals were staffed by ATC Healthcare, with hundreds of nurses from all over the country, and its operations increased by 35%. “We wanted to take care of the people affected by this pandemic with the practical, essential research,” says Savitsky. “The role we have is to really find people’s jobs, find and promote organizations that seek workers.”

The best temporary staffing companies from the United States consist of the top recruitment organizations based on objective survey findings, with more than 26,500 employers and 5,400 work applicants and workers.

ATC Healthcare is proud to feature in this report from Forbes. The brand is known for its employees in New York City hospitals with hundreds of nurses from all parts of the world.

“We are a healthcare provider who genuinely cares for our clients and this distinction further increases the positive influence of our services,” said David Savitsky, CEO of ATC HEALTHARE. “It is an honor who Forbes has been named a Top Staffing Organization. “We are eager to continue this momentum through the remainder of 2020 and beyond!” “This recognition reflects the dedication of the organization to deliver the highest product and service in the industry!
ATC Healthcare is one of over 10,000 temporary staffing agences in the US linking contract employees and employers in North New Hyde Park , New York. Yet how can candidates and businesses choose the ones that meet their particular needs with so many businesses to choose from?

Forbes collaborated with market research company Statista for our first list of the best US temporary staffing firms to simplify the process. The list was collected by surveying 26,000 employers and 5,400 jobseekers and managers of workers who served with these businesses. According to star ratings, the 138 businesses that received the most recommendations: five stars in the first half of the prize-winners and 4 in the second half. There some best agencies at los angeles staffing agencies.

Less than 2% of US employees have contract jobs, and 64% claim they have turned into temporary employment in order to either secure a permanent job or to fill a resume void. The second is the case of many of the nursing staff who helped to hit the height of the pandemic at ATC Healthcare, one of the five-star companies listed. Savitsky says, “Many doctors closed, especially in March and April, so many clinical personnel were looking for a job.” ATC Healthcare has sought to ensure health in these settings, in addition to positioning medical professionals in hospitals and nursing homes in 29 countries. “We advised them that we weren’t going to provide them with staff, if there were a facility in which we were not happy, because they didn’t have protective equipment for employees,” said Savitsky.

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