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Finding the best doctor is crucial as it can make the difference between receiving great care and feeling as if your health doesn’t matter. There are many great doctors out there but it’s not always that easy to find them. Do not worry, this article contains a few tips that can help you to find the best doctor for you.

Ask Friends and Family

Your friends and family are likely to know a great doctor. However, you should be aware that the ideal doctor for them might not be the ideal doctor for you. This does not mean you won’t find the best doctor, it just gives you more options to consider. Don’t be afraid to ask around because someone will help you find a doctor you’re happy with.

Do a Spot of Research

Let’s imagine that someone recommended a doctor to you. If you like the sound of them you should probably do some research. Does this doctor have a good reputation? Do they use healthcare reminder systems to remind you of appointments? Do they offer evening appointments?

You may also want to work out what kind of care they offer. For example, if you have children, will they be happy to see them too? Doing some research can help you to work out whether the doctor in question is ideal for you.


You may have found a great doctor who works in the city, but can you reach them easily? If you live out in the suburbs you might have difficulty reaching their office quickly. The closer the doctor is, the easier it will be for you to attend appointments. This means your health will be taken care of a little better.

You should also consider how you’re going to get to the appointment. Will you walk or travel by car? Can a bus take you there or will you go by train?

Make an Inquiry

Now you’ve found a doctor you like the look of it’s time to make an inquiry. Call the doctor’s office and ask if they are taking on any new patients. The receptionist’s response is a good indicator as to how good the practice is. For example, if they tell you that you’ll have to wait 3 months for an appointment, you might want to think again. However, if they say they’re busy, they have to see existing patients first and it could take time for you to be seen, it shows they care.

Think About Your Needs

You wouldn’t visit a store that didn’t sell anything you wanted. When you’re looking for the best doctor, you shouldn’t sign up to see a doctor who cannot meet your health needs. Have a look at the doctor’s special interests (Sports medicine, cancers, diabetes, etc). If they can offer you the help you need, they could be the best doctor for you.

Use the above tips to help you find the best doctor for you. After a bit of research, you could come across a doctor who you’ll be happy to see for many years.

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