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7 Gorgeous Plants ideas to Make Balcony Garden Attractive



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7 Gorgeous Plants ideas to Make Balcony Garden Attractive

Some plants never go out of trend. They are specially made to enhance the look of the balcony. The balcony plants give a tropical look to your home. When you have no space for gardening you can use these gorgeous plants to feel some nature’s vibe around. Plants are the best friends of the human body they give us good oxygen to breathe. The balcony plants restrict the pollute air and toxins to enter the home. It is optional you want to grow herbs, creepers, vegetables, dwarf trees. But if you don’t find any clue you can make choice from the balcony plants ideas suggested here. 

1. Begonias

Begonias are very popular houseplants. They are mostly chosen for adorning the balcony area. Your apartment is on the specific height Begonia is an ideal plant for gardening. The flowers and leaves both are appealing. Begonias are very easy to grow and reproduce. Begonia can survive for long in the sunny shade. The morning sunlight is appropriate but the noon light can harm the leaves and flowers both. So it should be placed in the filtered light area. It needs moist soil and you need to add peat with the compost soil to retain water for a longer duration.

2. Pansy

Pansy the adorable flower is well known for its appealing beauty and shades. Pansy flower is very attractive and you can be stress-free after growing into pots and containers. Pansy can thrive in the summer but the shaded part. Pansy is a wonderful choice for growing small flowers in small pots. You can create a rainbow-like effect in the balcony by growing different color pansies. If you have a big balcony you can choose to grow different color pansies plant for a vibrant makeover.

3. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is the queen of balcony plants. Fuchsias are ornamental plants that can be grown in the hanging pots and baskets. Fuchsias flower nicely drops from the hanging basket just like earrings. There are too many colors and sizes available in the Fuchsia flower to choose your favorite. Fuchsias grow in abundance and this is why it is mostly used for hanging pots. It can survive in the partial shade. It needs water when the soil gets dry. The direct sunlight can kill the Fuchsia’s beauty. And you want to send it as a gift feel free to ask us to send plants online

4. Verbena

Garden lovers can not skip this plant. Its voluminous flowery look attracts everyone to have this flowering plant in the garden or balcony area. No care plant is easy to grow and reproduce. Mostly this flowering plant is used to create a flower bed or border. But here you can use this flower for producing a hanging garden at your balcony. You can use the recycled pots to cover your balcony with lots of flowers. Check the array of colors available in Verbena to match the balcony with the subject and scheme of the home.

5. Marigolds

The premium flower never failed to impress. Marigold is a very much popular flower for accenting the garden. Marigold is available in all types of color but white and purple are very much in demand. Marigold is an edible flower so it is also used to make herbal tea. Marigold grows nicely according to the climate and type of environment. It easily grows in all seasons but summer and early summer and fall seasons are the best for good growth. You can use hanging pots or baskets or lightweight containers to grow marigolds.

6. Pelargonium

Pelargonium is a botanical name of the Geranium flower. You will find too many geranium flower gardens in the balcony and garden in spring or summer time. Geranium can fit into every type of container either it’s a wooden box, plastic bottle, hanging basket, or wide and small pots. Hanging geraniums are widely accepted for adorning the balcony space. There is a wide variety of flower colors and species available in the geranium flower. You can choose any type of geranium flower geranium looks extremely beautiful when the flowers hanging down from the box. If you have invited in new home’s celebration you can select this flower plant gift from here for order housewarming gift delivery.

7. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a perfect flower for terrace garden and balcony decoration. You can create an artistic structure by using hydrangea pots or boxes. Hydrangeas are very easy to care for and grow. Their voluminous look is picture perfect and very much popular for making beautiful sculptures. You can use different types of pots to make a beautiful character or give a round, square, or rectangle shape to the balcony. You need the iron structures to make this happen. You can modify the style and design by using different color hydrangea flowers.

The balcony garden is a nice thought. You can search over here for evergreen balcony plants to select the plant suits to your home. Flowers plant absorbs the overheat and controls the climate. As well it helps in giving your space a modern and tropical look. You can start from the beginning by growing these easy-care plants in the balcony.  

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