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The U.S Intelligence says  Republicans are coordinating with Russia to reelect Trump




Two weeks ago, U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center director William Evanina released a very ambiguous alert about different types of international intervention in the upcoming election. He followed up with a more clear and incriminating one on Friday, arguing that Russia is trying to reelect Donald Trump. Perhaps more significant is what this message unmistakably implies: Trump and his Congressional Republican allies are deliberately coordinating with Russia’s campaign.

Trump clearly appears to rage at the idea that Russia wants him to succeed, let alone accept the assistance. So Evanina’s overview delicately surrounds Trump and Moscow with superficially contrasting content. The study highlights three countries to manipulate the election: Russia, China, and Iran. The study states that Trump wants to lose, while Russia needs him to win.

It seems to encourage Republicans to assert foreign intervention on both sides. And as far as it goes, it’s real.

Yet there ends the similarities. What does China do to beat Trump? His government has become “increasingly critical of the current administration’s response to COVID-19, closure of China’s Houston Consulate, and actions on other issues.” And Iran ‘s efforts “possibly concentrate on online impact, such as spreading misinformation on social media and recirculating anti-U.S. Data.’

In other words, Iran and China are attacking Trump in public remarks, probably involving some rude tweets.

Russia’s attempts to support Trump involve everything. However, the statement states, “Pro-Russian Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach is circulating corruption claims — including by ads leaked phone calls — to discredit the candidacy of former Vice President Biden and Democratic Party.”

Derkach and his Russian allies hate Biden, who led the administration to reform Ukraine, rein in its oligarchs, and diminish Russian power. They tried to depict Biden’s reform efforts as a cynical scheme to enrich Hunter ‘s family.

Derkach collaborated directly with Trump ‘s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. That’s not a secret. Here’s the two meetings in Kiev in December:
Earlier this summer, Giuliani told the Washington Post that Derkach “doesn’t seem pro-Russian to me.” Whether that ruse surprises anybody, U.S. intelligence has now formally identified Derkach as an agency of Russian political intervention.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Committee Senate Republicans hold hearings in an effort to substantiate this charge — or, more likely, to insinuate it. They provided no evidence to support their claims. Throughout his time as vice-president, the Russians gave Republicans leaked recordings of Biden’s hidden communications with Ukrainians, and pro-Trump media outlets hyped up content, but nothing they have is inconsistent with the narrative that traditional news organizations find. Biden sought to cleanse Ukraine.

Senate Republicans tried to be cageous about their behavior. After pro-Russian Ukrainians claimed they had passed information on to Republican officials, a Johnson staffer told NBC News in July that it was “fake” the committee obtained any “opposite” or opposition study, without explicitly referring to whether it contained any content from international sources.

The Washington Post reported that Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson obtained Ukrainian classified documents. And former Giuliani partner Lev Parnas admitted to bringing Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee and probably the most energetic supporter of Trump on all things Russia, in contact with one of the Ukrainians leaking U.S. papers.

Everything they ‘re up to is hardly a mystery. Johnson says he’ll post his Biden report in September. It doesn’t matter if the information Russia gives him substantiates his claims, or whether it’s genuine. The obvious strategy is to splash some headlines onto campaign heat news screens that seem to tie Biden to some kind of wrongdoing.

Actually, Biden’s not at all a scandal. It’s a Republican collusion row with Russian propaganda scheme.

What makes Evanina’s statement on Friday so significant is that it makes clear that the passing of information, real or otherwise, from various Ukrainian figures to various Trump allies is part of a Russian-directed scheme to help Trump win. Republicans might tell Russia that Russian-controlled media are free to say what they want, but Republicans won’t launder their propaganda. Instead, they ‘re doing everything to manipulate it.

Update: The issue of why Evanina followed his first, ambiguous comment with a second, more precise response. The New York Times Magazine reported a lengthy, damaging article on Trump’s intelligence politization on Saturday morning. Draper ‘s coverage forced release Friday night, clearly acknowledging Russia’s strong intention to help Trump win.

Draper’s story also helps contextualize the essentially decorative mentions of China and Iran. Intelligence officials are terrified of enraging Trump by confirming that Russia wants him to win, even though the conclusion is obvious. If you want to understand why officials added references to China and Iran to create the illusion of balance — even though those two countries don’t seem to be taking any steps to help Biden, and Biden certainly isn’t cooperating with them — Draper’s narrative explains the intense pressure they’re facing.

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