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BLM President advises ‘Give Up The House You Own’ to the Black family and ‘Downsize’



BLM President advises 'Give Up The House You Own' to the Black family and 'Downsize'
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A leader in Black Lives Matter told white people to give their homes to black families, give black peoples free rent and get their belongings to black or brown families if they wish to improve racial relations in America.

White Americans were concerned not to give up their property, because the BLM leader said, “You are obliged to make that money in some other privileged white fashion.”

Chanelle Helm, a pioneer in Louisville’s Black Lives Matter, who acknowledges she was “not very nice with white people, ever” described her progressive Marxist proposals on the division of capital between races in 2017 during LEO Weekly.

Helm says the redistribution of property is the best possible way for whites to improve race relations in the U.S.

The radical requirements for property redistribution should not be surprising. Black Lives Matter, the co-founder of Patrisse Cullors, confessed to being “educated organizer” and “trained marxist” in a revamped video, adding weight to claims that the group might be a radical leftist organisation.

Directly addressing “white people” in LEO Weekly, Helm scoffed at “things that I think should change.” White people mostly give black people homes and property.

Here are the 10 demands from the progressive BLM official for white people:

1. White men are going to move to a black or brown family because you don’t have any descendants. Someone who lives in extreme deprivation ideally.

2. White people, if you are inheriting property, give it to a black or brown family upon acceptance. You are expected to make your money in another rich white way.

3. If you are a multi-family developer or real estate owner, build a sustainable complex in a black or Brown area and let black and brown people stay there for free.

4. White people giving up your house to a black or brown family if you can afford to downsize. Preferably a generational deprivation unit.

5. White men, if any of the men who you want to abandon are ignorant assholes, change the will to make your estate a black or brown family. Preferably a generational deprivation unit.

6. White men, replenish your monthly account, so that you can send black funds to buy property.

7. White people, mostly white women, get a racial blast, as this is a specialty of yaw, Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy. Yaw knows what they’re fucking doing. If you neglect them, you are complicit. Have the boss fired because they’re still biased.

8. It will be quick to back up No. 7, but all of the unknown families, Nazis and other lil’ dick-white people will be back to work. Have them out. Have their butt done. And call the police: they seem suspicious.

9. Okay, back up No. 8, whether you’re a white person at work or in the neighborhood and you hear a white person celebrating yesterday ‘s behavior then get a video. Get your name and more stuff. Hell, find out where they are doing business — get them fired. However, you certainly have to address them, and you have the hands, if necessary: use them.

10. 10. Commit yourself to two things: fighting white racism (this does not include sewing, even if you make scarves for black and brown children in necessity) and supporting the black and brown men.



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