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Trump says Biden wants to lock Americans with his three-month mask mandate



Trump says Biden wants to lock Americans with his three-month mask mandate
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President Trump has revealed the controversial three-month nationwide mask initiative by Joe Biden to help combat the spread by a coronavirus.

Trump added, “Sleepy Joe opposes the scientific solution of trapping all Americans for months in their cellar.”

On Thursday Biden said to reporters: “Every American should wear a mask while he or she is outside for a minimum of three months”

Breitbart reports: However Trump blamed Biden for pandemic coronavirus policies.

“I ‘d say to Joe, stop playing virus politics,” he said. “So bad. There is no room here for party politics.

Trump wondered if Biden knew what he was doing, and wondered whether he also had the authority to enforce such a mandate.

“What other powers will the President have because he has the absolute right to order any person to cover his face in virtually every case? “I wondered. He wondered.

Trump also discussed difficulties in enforcing a mask proposal.

Trump said, “He doesn’t define which jurisdiction and whether it will be applied by federal law enforcement. “Why should we walk on our country’s governors? Trump said each State has various phases of the virus and added that there is no need for a specific national ban.

This is the governors’ duty and we want some independence, “he said.

“We do understand that every state is special and faces unusual circumstances.” The president even criticized Biden and his leading counterpart Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) when he declined to raise questions on coronavirus advice at their news conference.

“That’s why he stopped, he couldn’t respond to either of them,” he said.

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