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Kamala Harris: Young people are ‘STUPID’ – ‘They really make BAD decisions’



Kamala Harris: Young people are 'STUPID' – 'They really make BAD decisions'
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Left-wing news analysts on Tuesday suggested that Kamala Harris could continue to inspire young voters, but a 2014 address could make the goal even harder.

Ms Harris mocked young people in a crass joke during a speech to the Ford Foundation, calling them dumb and saying that’s why teenagers in dormitories had to deal with their resident assistants.

In her time as a DA in San Fransisco, Harris spoke to opioid users in the criminal justice system and asked, “What do we know about this population? So this is a specific period of life. And note, age is more than a fact of chronology. What else do we know, 18 through 24, about this population? They ‘re stupid.

The crowd was crying. The camera then cut a woman who looked annoyed with the “joke” of Kamala.

“That’s when we put them in dormitories because they’ve got a resident assistant,” said Harris.

“They just make poor decisions.” reports: Dr. Jason Johnson said at an MSNBC Tuesday’s appearance that the challenge for Harris was, “What the Democratic Party needs, they need someone who will make young people enthusiastic.”

“It isn’t really a focus field for Sen. Harris, but one that she should do,” he added.

Johnson said that would be appropriate, as Harris could “crack a grin and make a joke.”

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