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Imagine ‘Antifa Ballot Harvesters.’ It’s not difficult to do.



Just before Saturday, congresswoman Ayana Presley called for more unrest and unrest on America’s streets through postal ballots and the United States. I worried about the crowd and the vote. Postal Service (USPS).

“Ballot-Harvester” is a term for someone who can pick up the ballot of another person or, in some cases, fill it in and carry it to the polling station, the elections center or the post office. See the list of states below and their laws on the processing of the vote by other citizens. At least 27 states require someone else to vote.

In 2018, an entire Congressional delegation in that rock-ribbed, conservative district lost in Orange County , California, because of vote harvesters gathering and often filling up ballots. Liberal vote harvesters used undocumented aliens to collect voters’ ballots. We organized “ballot meetings” and went door-to – door in big corporations. We don’t know what happened to all the ballots, because there are no chain of custody records.

Start with Chaos, and add Mob and voila!

Throughout California, the electoral system has essentially preserved the one-party laws of the Democrats, which were established by all-mail electoral throughout 1998. For one exception, since 1998, no Republican has been elected to the State House. And that exception was against a Democrat who was unusually corrupt and was behind Melissa’s “Sweetcakes.”

Will the ‘Squad’ of the AOC run the Rioters? Another was also calling for more ‘Street Unrest’

Like California, Oregon allows political parties to see who votes and who does not vote in real time. There follows intimidation and impersonation of voters. There is no way to know the number of voters because no ID is needed and nobody checks.

The Los Angeles County processed 90 percent of all the state’s last minute provisional ballots, according to the California Election Integrity Project-40 percent of all U.S. provisionals. All you had to do was see who hadn’t voted and call your LA guy to vote.

Things are already a global cluster in Virginia, where the ‘non-profit’ third-party ‘Voting Information Center’ just sent a half million vote-by-mail requests to….who does? In order to add to the confusion, they were returned to the wrong address.

Related: Vote-by-mail rise and failure

Remember the election of Washington State Governor with all of the unofficial last-minute votes in at the last minute? This wasn’t an error. Will you remember the “met” votes – miraculously only enough to place Democrat Christine Gregoire in the mansion of the governor?

And Al Franken and Wisconsin? Those who have found votes and felon votes? Such scandals tend to occur in Wisconsin.

Today I heard that a postal service employee called the WEC and told them that 3 large tubes of absent ballots from Oshkosh and Appleton were just found.

I understand your frustration and work hard to find a solution to the situation.

Sen. Dan Feyen, 8 April 2020 (@SenDanFeyen).

Knock, knock, knock, knock. Who’s there? Who’s there? The primary New York. The primary New York who? We don’t know who it’s so screwed up.

Chaos is deliberate

That was as planned. Mayhem. Mayhem. Confusion. Confusion. The program is daunting.

Voting participation, as promised by the rational Democrats for voting by mail, in Oregon has decreased or remained approximately the same. There is no net gain in voting-by-mail participation. That’s a fireplace. But the device is definitely easier to hustle.

Now take this overwhelmed system and add the crowd.

Can you imagine that the Democrats will collect antifa ballots?

I can. I can.

Have SEIU ever seen at a Tea Party?

The other night in Portland, here were the antifa and Black Lives rioters who spoke to people watching the mess they felt was the safety of their apartments on the upper floor. Sadly, their apartments are attached to a police station for them.

Antifa and BLMTM Apartment Dwellers Rioters:

“We know where you live.” “We will burn down your house.”

“We’ll burn down your house”

“We know where you live ”

Since # antifa has taken residential areas in Portland to riot, they have attacked and intimidated residents. Tonight, those who looked out of the window were threatened. # PortlandRiots

August 9, 2020 Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo)

Imagine planned election riots and ballot boxes

Do you think that those who threaten the lives of dozens of people living in Portland apartment building and blocking police doors when the arsonists set fire to a building and shoot ball bears at people are not jacking you up for a vote? Is it really such a stretch of imagination? How vulnerable is a manager with hundreds of mailbox keys? How about your anti-famous friend who works in the post office?

Individuals who riot, maim and attack strangers at night do not think about organizing masses to plunder a post office, using their handy IEDs to blow up election vests, to steal bags of ballots, to steal votes and extortion people by using their hacker contingents in all sorts of criminal activities.

Day 70: She stands up and tries to set fire to the portland woman

Can you imagine an anticipated riot in the days leading to Election Day outside the election office or any collection point? There have been almost 80 straight days of rioting in Portland. What’s more than 80 days? They ‘re not going to starve. In addition, Uncle Sam is bankrolling some of these criminals, free food from Riot Ribs and “supporters.” There’s a government test on people like the Thomas Jefferson statue vandal on Portland. What are a few more days of prolonged unemployment payments from COVID, right?

Will ordinary people expect different punishments if antifa and Black Lives MatterTM want to beat, threaten, assault and target armed police officers?

PORTLAND: Rioters are tossing explosives and flares to deter police going forward.

Remember when the mayor said that a federal presence was causing the riots? Well, we know officially that the story is a lie.

Day 72 and the nonsense goes on / PAyPKlTQ3b Specifications

August 8, 2020 ELIJAH RIOT, (@ElijahSchaffer)

In Minneapolis recently, where the police department is being dismantled and “reimagined,” people were told to obey antifa and protesters and revolters from Black Lives MatterTM if they would not end up at a hospital or morgue.

Not persuaded?

There is broad daylight violence and no cop in sight in Portland.

UNHINGED: Mighty Mini Man’s demonstrators go crazy about media and supporters of trumpet, supporters of blue lives and Christians and the elderly bullying them violently here in downtown Portland, opposite the court

August 2, 2020-Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow)

Night-time riots are happening, harassing, threatening and assaulting innocent people.

This unknown woman who used a walker was confronted with the group currently outside of East Precinct.

August 7, 2020 — Portland Police (@PortlandPolice)

Where are Riots permitted Harvesting

Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, New York, LLA, Washington , DC, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, Cleveland, Madison, Albuquerque and several others were hit by chaos, plundering and incense.

Let’s just test the State voting procedures on this place for snarling and giggling, thanks from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

I’ve already discussed the loopholes in California and Oregon, but it is worth recalling that the number of elections a public union member may “harvest” is unlimited. If, say, you set up a mega station for the collection of ballots, in a home nursing community or on a parking garage, you have to carry a signal which contains this sentence in a 50-point font: “NOT AN OFFICIAL BALLOT DROP SITE.”

Portland Police Prosecutor Likely To Drop Case against Rioters Who Injure Cops

There appear to be no rules in Washington. None. None. Good luck, CHAZ, Pick, Antimonopolis, Seattle. New York Ditto. Rules of Procedure? No stinking rules are required.

In Minnesota, where there have been protests, poll harvesters are limited to three ballots. Yet no one requires identification, meaning that the total amount of votes that someone can cast is effectively three times that.

Illinois has a provision that, aside from dead people who routinely vote, people in nursing homes and other residential facilities will have a friendly staff member of the SEIU who can support you and vote.

Missouri made me go to the dictionary to understand his rules. ‘An absent vote can be returned in person to the elector’s relative who is in second degree consanguinity or affinity.’ Come on, maaan, I never said I was Skip Gates.

In the district of Columbia, everyone is able to register in a “urgent ballot,” but the person who takes them to the election receptacle must be “an authorized agent.”

In Georgia, the voting harvesters are restricted to 10 votes and only for hospitals, persons with disabilities or illiterates. Gee, just ten? For ballot harvesters too, Denver has a ten-ballot limit.

In Houston, votes must be placed in a “mailer envelope” and mailed uh. The voter is the only person who can vote in person. No ballots are accepted during the election period by persons other than the voting persons.

Throughout Arizona and Ohio, only family members are allowed to vote, but no identification or signature is required.

There are no laws in Wisconsin and New Mexico

Louis Philip was born in Greece, raised in Germany, educated in England and now resides in Canada. He has been writing since learning to read. He had published and has appeared in anthologies.

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Zomato Acquires Uber Eats Reason Behind The Deal or Failure of Uber Eats



On January 21st, 2020, food delivery giant Zomato acquired Uber Eats. From this time Uber Eats discontinued its food delivery operations. Users traveling outside India can still enjoy the benefits of Uber Eats. Now all its delivery partners, consumers, and restaurants will be directed to Zomato. Zomato acquired food aggregator Uber Eats for ₹2,485 crores, and after this deal, Uber Eats holds ownership of 9.99% in Zomato. After the deal, 245 employees of Uber Eats are on a cliffhanger. Zomato hasn’t given any statement about the absorption of these employees.

Apart from the growth in the smaller cities and towns, the significant business of food delivery app scripts like Swiggy and Zomato is around 65% comes from the top cities. Now with the Uber Eats consumers, Zomato holds about 50-55 percent of the food delivery market industry. Now developers are focusing on developing Zomato clone scripts.

The on-demand meal delivery service UberEats, connected with Zomato. The potential for many of these online delivery services is substantial, with around 44% of consumers using food delivery services at least once per month in the United States. Furthermore, the survey also found that 43% of consumers claimed to order their food online with an additional 13% ordering using a food delivery app. (source)

Uber Eats’s Journey in India

Cab hailing company Uber started its food delivery services in 2017. At that time two industry giants Zomato and Swiggy were already there. It was the first food delivery company that had a celebrity brand Ambassador – Alia Bhatt. Zomato started in 2008, and after five years, Swiggy began in 2013. By the time Uber launched its food delivery services in India, these two already had acquired more than half of the market. Zomato had around 40 million users, where Swiggy had 42 million users and the newbie Uber Eats had only 10 million user base at that time.

After starting the business in 2017, the average order value (AOV) of Uber Eats was rs 400, then in 2018 AOV was rs 300 with 3.5-4 million orders per month, and last year in 2019 it was rs 250. The AOV is showing its constantly dipping market. Besides having less user base, the users shared their grievance on twitter saying that the company Uber Eats was way better than Swiggy and Zomato. “The delivery experience, additional taxes, and application user interface of Uber Eats were much better than its competitors,” users said.

Big Wins for Zomato

Zomato got quite a lot from this deal according to experts. Zomato got all its delivery partners, Customer information, business details, customer order history and much more. The delivery partners will benefit from this deal because everyone wants their food to be delivered home at the quickest. More people will order means, more delivery boys and more employment. Zomato serves more than 70 million users every month in 24 countries, with a partnership of 1.5 million restaurants. The addition of Uber’s business will definitely take this figure higher than Swiggy.

Reasons: Why Uber Eats lagging behind Zomato and Swiggy?

There are several reasons for uber Eats lagging behind Zomato and Swiggy. Here we will discuss some of them.

  1. Facing Last Mover Disadvantages

Where UberEats started its business in 2017, its competitor was already set its feet in the market. They were almost on the top when Uber began its food delivery business as a newbie. There was a lot of pressure on Uber Eats as being a newbie in the market. Being a latecomer in the food delivery market, Uber faced many challenges which lead Uber to this deal.

  1. Slow Growth

Being a latecomer in the industry with limited resources, made Uber’s growth slow. Where Zomato was serving around 500 cities, Uber was only serving 44 cities at that time. The hyper-competitive market and low-value orders slowed its growth. The food delivery market is not so easy to crack.

  1. Less Funding and High Discounts

When Uber Eats started its business in India, it did not get enough funding from the investors. Even its parent company Uber also didn’t provide enough funding. While becoming stable in the market, Uber Eats needed to follow a high discount strategy. Where the competitors were getting substantial funding; hence they were offering impressive discounts that were making them popular in the market. The massive discounting approach was one of the reasons for its downfall. The company losses around ₹2,197 crores and more debts were following it, which made it difficult for Uber Eats to sustain in the market.

All in All

There are other food delivery companies also in the market like Foo

panda, Dunzo and many more. But the leading players of the game will be Swiggy and Zomato. In any application-based business, only one brand remains on the top. With the huge success of these applications, online food delivery app development companies are seeing their future in it. The other brand remains for back up, and there is no space for the third one. Any brand which is not on number 1 or 2 face difficulty to sustain in the market and face difficulty to make a profitable and successful business.

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How to Find Best Hostess in 2020?



The most memorable feature of an event, party or restaurant may not be the quality of the food or even the décor but the impression created by the hostess. The hostess who greets visitors makes a powerful first impression and can make break your success. But finding the right hostess is something you don’t leave up to a chance. You want to do more than just collecting applications from teenagers and hire a random one, hoping he/she will be a stellar employee.

Finding the perfect hostess in Dubai takes a lot of effort and search. Here are some useful tips you can use to find the best hostess for your event.

Find one that’s kind, friendly, and caring

The very first rule of hiring a good hostess is to look for someone who friendly, caring and kind. They should be thoughtful and considerate for you to work with, and they will also make a great first impression on your guests. Since your hostess is the first person, installing them at the front will help make your guests feel welcome instantly.

Make ‘em smile

The thing that really gets your guest when enter in is an enormous smile from your hostess. Hire a person who walks and greets your guests with a 1000klw smile.

Bring out their personality

Hiring a hostess with a great personality is very important, after all, it is the hostess who has to deliver the bad news to the guests if there is an issue.

To learn more about your hostess’s personality, pay attention to how they respond to your questions. The person who is responsive, polite, and cheerful is the one you should hire. You can also ask them for a solution by putting them in a random situation and ask them what they will do in such a situation. Based on their reply can decide whether you should hire this person or not.

Ask strange questions

A hostess has to deal with strange questions and requests all the time. The best way to know if your hostess can handle weird and strange questions is by asking them strange questions yourself. You can ask some random questions like Is the food vegan verified? Where is the lift? What is the level of wi-fi radiation on the rooftop? If the response is satisfactory, you can decide whether to hire the candidate or not.

Calm under Pressure

Any event will have their stressful moments, especially when there are hundreds or thousands of people involved. An ideal hostess won’t be rattled under that kind of pressure. You want someone in your team who can keep their cool under heavy stress and convey calm to the guests waiting outside.

You can determine whether they can handle pressure or not by asking or putting them in a difficult situation. If you are satisfied with their answer, then you can go ahead and hire the hostess.

Get them talking

A hostess’s job relies mostly on communication, after all, there is nothing else for them to do except talk to your guests. Because the job involves a lot of talking, you want to make that the person you hire speaks fluently in the language that your guests will be speaking.

Determining fluency is easy. Just keep on talking with the candidate during the interview, and you will be able to identify whether the candidate has any communication issues or not.

Make sure they can amuse themselves

The other job of the hostess is to stand around. If you hire a hostess with a bright smile, and great communication skills but wanders away from her station because she is bored that is not going to work well for your business.

Ask your candidate directly about how they amuse themselves when they are bored of standing around and doing nothing. If they are making up a fake answer, then you should look for a different candidate.

Stand out from the crowd

The best way to select the best hostess is to have your pick from a big pool of talented people. And how do you get these potential hostesses banging down your doors and wanting to work for you? The answer is simple, offering great benefits, growth opportunities, and a supportive environment. When you offer perks to a person, they come running to your doors offering their skills for your benefit.

The truth is everyone is looking for a kind, talented, smiling, smart, and friendly hostess and there are not enough people with these skills to go around. So, it is best to give yourself an unfair hiring advantage to hire great and talented people will want to work for you.

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