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All about Student accommodation at Sheffield

It’s not easy to stay away from home and it’s normal to feel homesickness while staying away from family and friends. But you can always make up new friends at your new accommodation or at your college where you went for higher studies. Moreover, it is quite depressing these days as due to Corona ev

Benefits of Social Emotional Learning for Students

It’s not easy to stay away from home and it’s normal to feel homesickness while staying away from family and friends. But you can always make up new friends at your new accommodation or at your college where you went for higher studies. Moreover, it is quite depressing these days as due to Corona everyone is being locked up at their homes or their accommodation. But let’s make your student apartments Sheffield more attractive and homely. So, you no longer feel homesickness and bored.

Ideas to make your accommodation or studio homely: –

  • Photographs: To make yourself more homely at your apartment, put some photographs with some lights. This will help you to make your room more cheerful and cozy and it will also lighten up your mood by memorizing the moments in the pics.
  • Bedding: It’s really important to make your bedding comfortable so that you don’t miss your cozy bed at home. It is advisable to wash your bedding with the same washing powder so that its fragrance resembles the bedding on at your home.
  • Set up: To make your room more beautiful and welcoming add decorative items in your room or apartment as you don at your home. Set that room as if it’s your home.
  • Scent: You can also spray room fresheners or use aroma candles to make your room peaceful and fresh.
  • Flowers and plants: As plants or flowers are always refreshing and always brings a smile on the face of the onlooker. So, it is advised to add some greenery to your apartment.

How to choose student accommodation?

It is very important to consider various factors before choosing any student accommodation so that you don’t have to regret later on. Factors which are to be considered are: –

  • Location: Always try to find your apartment near your university or where your job is near so that it doesn’t increase your transport cost.
  • Room size: it is important to check the size of your room in which you are supposed to live so that its spacious enough to live for the specific number of people you are sharing an apartment with if it is a shared en-suite or apartment.
  • Security: It’s important to research the area you are going to shift i.e. whether it is safe or not. What’s the security system in that area.
  • Cost: It’s the most important factor i.e. to find the apartment within the budget. More important is the amount you are paying for that particular apartment should be worth it. For example, if you are paying £100 a week, then it’s your right to get the add on facilities in it.
  • Locality: After this, check out for the standard of that locality i.e. What kind of people stay there whether that particular apartment is for students of families also?
  • Payment: It is very alarming to know when are you supposed to pay for the bill or the apartment rents i.e. whether it is monthly or weekly.
  • Facilities: Now, if all the above factors are met with, check for the facilities being provided there. For example, what kind of room it is; attached bathroom or not; Wi-Fi; Parking facility; Laundry facilities, etc.

These are some of the factors which you need to consider before buying an apartment. You can also look for the apartments at online sites and can book and enquire about them. Moreover, if you are moving to Sheffield then you should book your desired apartment on an advanced basis. So, you didn’t have to face any problem with finding accommodation afterward. As it is a big city and at the time admission, it is quite tough to find suitable or vacant accommodation.

Various types of accommodation at Sheffield: –

  • Studio Apartment: The studio is a semi-furnished room for a single person which can cost you approximately £ 150. It normally has an attached bathroom and you may also get a balcony which all depends upon your luck. The studio will provide you with the benefit of your freedom and privacy and you can enjoy the same without any restrictions. But the only problem with this apartment is that it might be small but it’s enough for a single person. You may also find a dual occupancy studio that you can share with your friend, colleague, or partner. This will help you to cut your cost.
  • Shared apartments: The shared apartments are the apartments providing you with the facility of the laundry room, kitchen, and maybe a swimming pool which may cost you around £ 80 per week. But it keeps on varies depending upon the add on facilities. The main benefit of living here is that you can stay with your friends and enjoy and do whatever you want to do without any restrictions. But take this kind of apartment only if you will be able to all the household chores as you are supposed to accomplish them on your own without anyone’s help. And if you think you will be able to manage this work along with the studies or your job, then you are welcomed here.
  • Student halls: The student halls or Private Halls of residences will cost you around £ 80 per week. It is normally a hall where a lot of students live with the facility of food and a lot of fun. In these, you might also get the facility of a three-day course. But it is not suitable for those who need privacy.

These are some types of accommodation you will easily get to Sheffield. Apart from this, you might be able to find the on-campus accommodation at the university, which you can also prefer. But it might be possible that those are expensive and have some restrictions. As campus accommodation always has some decorum or rules and regulations to maintain. You may also take en-suite but which is a costly affair. Lastly, it can be said that you should choose your accommodation wisely and on time considering all the necessary factors and most importantly considering your personal preferences. Because it will be a tough task to shift your accommodation again and again.