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How To Safely Get Rid Of Packing Boxes After A House Move?



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You have moved to your new home, unpacked all your stuff and now you must be feeling good. But what about a stack of empty boxes that is creating a mess after unpacking?

Cluttering is often perceived as an after-effect of unpacking. A pile of boxes just eats up space in your new home.

So, what to do with these empty packing boxes?

Before you simply throw them in the trash bin, check my blog and consider these 5 responsible ways to get rid of boxes:

1.   Follow 3 R’s—reduce, reuse, and recycle

Some of the ways to implement 3 R’s are:

  • Reuse your boxes as self-storage units to provide better protection to your belongings;
  • In case you are relocating again in the next year then save boxes for the next move;
  • Recycling your boxes is the best way to save trees that are cut down to make new cardboard boxes;
  • Ask your local waste management center or recycling center to collect your containers;
  • Repurpose your boxes as the shipment containers;
  • Reuse some of the boxes for gift wrapping.

Pro tip: Store empty boxes in a clean and dry place.

2. Give boxes away

Giving moving boxes is a smart option when your cardboard boxes are still usable. Some of the ways to give them away are:

  • Sell your boxes: If you don’t want packing boxes, then choose to pocket some cash by selling them. Newspaper ads and noticeboards in local shops are the best places to market your boxes.
  • Donate them: If you don’t want to face the trouble of selling boxes for profit, better to donate them.
  • Give them to your friends or neighbors: Give empty boxes to your friends, neighbors, or anyone who needs them.

Pro tip: Make sure your boxes are in good condition before you give them to anyone.

3. Use boxes for DIY home projects

If you have kids at home, use your creativity to repurpose moving boxes. Cardboard boxes are very useful when it comes to DIY projects.

Some of the useful options are:

  • They can become playhouses, forts, costumes, and sleds;
  • Flattened boxes are best for DIY home projects such as a painting project;
  • Various craft projects including dioramas, dollhouses, toy cars, and more;
  • For Halloween party, use them to make haunted houses;
  • For Valentine’s Day, use them to cut out hearts.

4. Use online platforms

Online platforms are the best bet to get rid of empty packing boxes. There are many sites, where you can sell or buy empty boxes.

Some of the sites are:

  • Craigslist: Whether you want to sell boxes or give them away for free, this website is one of the most famous online resources.
  • Freecycle: Through this site, you can offer free items to your neighbors. The motto is to reduce waste by helping others share and reuse items.
  • BoxCycle: This is a website where you can sell and search for second-hand moving boxes.

5. Ask your moving company

Check if your moving company has the policy to take back the cardboard boxes if you don’t need them anymore. If they do have, then don’t worry much.

Your moving company can make the best use of the boxes. Some companies even participate in recycling events to help others.

Many professional removalists provide services to drop your empty boxes at the local recycling centre. It is always better to ask for advice and assistance than to do the wrong things.

Pro tip: Before hiring a moving company, ask them if they provide box removal services.

Wrap up

Whatever you do, but don’t throw away your cardboard boxes and add a mountain of garbage.

Follow a combination of these ideas to help the environment, to minimise the number of boxes, and to free up your new space.

Enjoy your new home!

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