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UK Government Remove 1.3 million coronavirus samples from their ‘Double Counting’ data



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Once again, the UK government has updated estimates for the coronavirus outbreak.

This period, about 1.3m coronavirus samples were secretly excluded from official data citing ‘double counting’ and posing new concerns about the accuracy.

The devastating news coincides with further details of the NHS Trust members’ inability to support the UK Government ‘s research policy.

RT reports: The UK government has not only cut the number for “tests made disponible” in a coronavirus update on Wednesday, but has abandoned the measure entirely, bringing more uncertainty to an already dubious testing method. This has become the latest in the country’s long history of high-profile and humiliating gaffes.

“The historical statistics for ‘tests available’ metrics have been modified by -1.308.071,’ as the study reads, highlighting cases of the “double-counting” of the test kits released between 14 May and 12 August.

The issue was first detected on 6 July, but the inaccurate data were only removed on 12 August and parallel to the recent downward assessments of the death rates of Covid-19 reported in England and Wales.

The number of 1.3 million covers in-person testing carried out outside of hospitals, including but not limited to swab tests performed outside of the hospital in nursing homes and home test kits delivered by mail.

Shadow Minister of Health Justin Madders characterized the UK ‘s data as “shambolic,” adding that Wednesday’s change was “the latest in a long line of government dysfunctional testing deficiencies.”

“Truly, they are the most ineffective and incompetent government I have ever seen,” said Mike Dailly, video game designer. Others asked whether the UK had ever had a government that was “dangerously inept” in history.

Television host and social analyst Piers Morgan shared his fear of the situation more succinctly.

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