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Soulful Lyrics, Moving Beats, And Undying Passion- TR3AL, The Rising Music Star



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Writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, conversing, singing, dancing- there are billions of forms of expression throughout the world. And every language, every form of art has its own importance and its own intensity. But there is no other language and form of expression that a person is more eloquent in that music.

One of the best things that come along with music is that it brings out the “real” self of an individual, and for everyone, it hits differently. Some people get inspiration from music, some use it as an escape from everything else, some people make music a form of expression to their partners, while for some people, it is the sole purpose of living, and they don’t want to keep it to themselves, instead share it with everyone around the world.

Among those who have gained immense love from people because of their determination, passion and love for music, the name of Terrel Williams shines the brightest. Even though the name of Terrel, better known by his stage name, TR3AL, is known throughout the world, the story of how he stepped into music is known by very few people.

Born Terrel Williams, TR3AL opened his eyes on April 28, 1983, in Santa Clara, California. The young boy, from a very young age, developed a growing fondness for music. TR3AL listened to various artists including Steve Aoki, and Don Diablo, whenever he felt mellow, or just needed a little inspiration to carry through. Growing up in California instilled the thought of doing “something different” in TR3AL’s heart.

But the direction TR3AL took for his own musical journey was a whole lot different than the artists he had spent his childhood listening to. And that is up until he saw Tiesto perform on stage that TR3AL was hit by a realization  to create his own music.

“You might find it strange that a Californian is so passionate about EDM, a rare thing to see, no? Well, TIESTO happened to me. The moment I saw him perform, I could feel my soul leave my body to dance on his amazing tracks and mixes.”

That one performance was all he needed to recognize his burning love for making EDM music, something that was poles apart from what the audience in California expected from a music artist. But his love for making himself known in the EDM genre was too powerful, and he was motivated and encouraged to take his next step and be a part of the music industry.

TR3AL started his music journey by listening to more EDM tracks, and with every song, his love grew stronger, and he became headstrong. Even though TR3AL credits Tiesto for helping him find his true calling, he never stopped listening to Steve Aoki, and Don Diablo. He says, “By listening to them you can tell they have their own sound, so for me finding my sound was very important. I give a lot of credit to those three.”

In 2017, started DJing at local clubs. He spent elaborate hours giving people what they loved and making the dance floor rock.

At the same time, TR3AL decided to work on his craft as well, because he was aware that he couldn’t make his mark until he gave the world something they would love. For almost a year, TR3AL worked hard and created something that the people would like as well. In March of 2018, he had finished the production of his track.

He decided to launch his own record label, XPERIENCE R3AL R3CORDS, in 2018. Under the label, he released his first song, Oh Yeah. The song was no less than any other song that he had released, only better, and its funky beats gave even more recognition to TR3AL.

On March 27, 2019, he released his first track, Forever. The song gained attention; everyone across the globe fell in love with the track. The song’s melodies, eccentric tunes and exotic notes made the song exceptionally great, and that’s how TR3AL began earning a stream of fans.

TR3AL has also planned to release his first EP, My Story. The first song for his EP was released on July 3, 2020, Quarantune. The song received more love than any other track, and TR3AL was more motivated to work on his next tracks.

Besides working on more singles, all of which will be released this year, TR3AL also has a Virtual Laser Show scheduled for November 14th. His talent is exemplary, his love for music is exceptional, and his songs are proof that he deserves all the success!

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