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California Gov. Newsom blames the failed pay cut for three months in a row



California Gov. Newsom blames the failed pay cut for three months in a row

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom promised to make 10% of the pay cut in solidarity with state workers due to budgetary shortages created by lockdown but the Governor’s pay cut could never be reported three months later.

When the office of Gov. Newsom was invited to obtain information about why his salary was not reduced as he promised it was a “administrative error.”

Newsome promised to cut his own pay by ordering the checks of the staff to be decreased by 10%, but still won his $17,479 full monthly salary. https ● / q7viRI9GDs

LET report: Gov. Newsom introduced a budget in May of this year to respond to declines in state revenues. The revision which showed a loss of revenue of 22.3 per cent since January was most probably the result of the state shutdown in the midst of the pandemic fears. The revised budget has a projected $54.3 billion deficit.

Gov. Newsom stated that the revised budget also included a 10% reduction in pay to all government staff and a reduction in public schools and community schools funding. To support the distressed budget, Gov. Newsom asked the state workers to reduce their pay by 10 percent.

“The whole scenario places us in a $20 million deficit.”
Conejo Valley Unified leaders are planning to make drastic cuts after the May budget update by Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that K-12 finance.https:/ decreased by around 10 percent.

A budget press release said,

“Negotiations will start or continue with the collective bargaining units of the State to achieve a reduced salary of about 10 percent.

The revision in May contains a reduction clause if the State can not reach an agreement. However, virtually all state activities will be reduced for the next two years, and non-essential contracts, acquisitions and travel have been suspended.

With the stresses of state employees losing 10% of their salaries, at least, Gov. Newsom sought to make it a little lower. Newsom vowed that he and his staff would also take a 10% cut,

“And then we ask for a 10% wage allocation across the board,” Newsom said. “We ‘re going to negotiate and negotiate with each bargaining unit in the State of California.

I know it is the last thing our partners want to hear, but sadly we are in a position to meet the demands of us. By the way, I and my whole staff are included.

While an elected official, Gov. Newsom is not allowed to decrease his salary when there is a budget cut.

“Nothing hurts my heart more than cutting the budgets … Let me summarize it here quickly. Also, you can’t talk about budget deficits, and you can’t talk about sacrifices unless you’ve taken an example.

And I want people to know that nobody in the state is immune to strain our belts and commit to helping the cause and helping the neediest.

A Gov. Newsom spokesperson said:

“The Governor has publicly committed himself to the same pay reduction as other state workers when he introduced his budget in May and has formally requested the Controller to adjust his salary, with effect from 1 July.

The question is that wage cut has never occurred.

The Sacramento bee announced on 20 August that Gov. Newsom earned his full monthly salary of $17,479 for nearly three months before he promised to slash wages.

Once the Gov. Newsom office was contacted to find out why compensation was not decreased, they said it was a “administrative mistake.” Since then, Gov. Newsom has told the boss that his salary would be reduced, retroactively to July.

The only elected government official who accepted the payroll reductions was State controller Betty Yee. State treasurer Fiona Ma, Lt. Eleni Kounalakis, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, Public Instruction Superintendent Tony Thurmond and Procurator General Xavier Becerra had been pressured to take over the pay cuts as well.

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