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Newt Gingrich Tips Trump For ‘Dramatically Larger’ Trip Victory Over Biden



Newt Gingrich Tips Trump For 'Dramatically Larger' Trip Victory Over Biden
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Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, told Fox News that all signs show that Trump has been beating Joe Biden in a major terrestrial win in November – given the media ‘s ties to America.

The 77-year-old made an announcement in an interview with Fox News on Saturday night that his position as commander-in-chief is being maintained by Trump due to radical democrats’ inability to condemn Antifa.

“I predict a dramatically bigger victory than people are expecting now,” he said to the network.

He also thinks that the triumph of Trump is gradually ‘begun to develop,’ Gingrich of Georgia says.

The controversial ex-politician commented on the Democratic Convention.

Gingrich said that as the GOP meets at the Republican Convention next week, the Democrats just need to point out partly their differences to boost the chances of Trump.

‘We don’t have to make things up. We don’t have to invent some scandalous post office. We only have to tell the truth about the radical nature of these people, “said Gingrich.

The former speaker said that voters need to look at places such as Chicago, Seattle and Portland – major Democratic towns – that in recent months have experienced turmoil.

‘Every day rioting for 90 days which starts to be a reality. And it was very interesting to me that neither [Joe] Biden nor [Kamala] Harris was prepared to say an antifa word [not] a crime word,’ Gingrich said.

‘You know, [we] have the Chicago Mayor announcing that she’ll have police at her own personal street, because she wishes to save her family. He added, “But good luck to the rest of the city. “Well, I believe that this thing sinks into a level of reality that NBC News is not even able to cover up.”

Gingrich, a long-time contributor to Fox News, also mocked the Biden campaign and picked Kamala Harris, his historic vice-president, claiming the pair had no hope of winning.

Based on her vote, he named Harris the most radical member of the Senate, which means that she is at the left of [Bernie] Sanders and the left of Elizabeth Warren. I mean, you know how difficult it is.

‘Second, she’s an awful actress,’ he said.

However, Gingrich acknowledged that while Biden gave his career best speech during the DNC, he believes that his leadership in the polls ‘will not end.’

“I hope to myself, as George McGovern did in1972, as people get to know them better, that they will say, ‘You know,… I don’t think so. I can’t just vote for you.”‘

Last week, Gingrich told the network that he was the most anti-Catholic bigots in modern times on the national ticket.

President Trump also called on his DNC closing speech to ’embrace, embellish and emphasize again and again’ Biden’s topics of ‘light and darkness.’

Gingrich wrote, referring to ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, among other cities: ‘let the people of the Americas decide where darkness is and who creates it.’

From 1995 to 1999, Gingrich served as the 50th Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives, before resigning from his position under the increasing pressure of various ethical infringements.

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