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Smash Family-owned Sandwich Shop, Rioters Strike Denver



Smash Family-owned Sandwich Shop, Rioters Strike Denver
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The ongoing protests in democratic-run cities struck Denver, Colorado, on Saturday night. Rioters threw a bike at a motorcycle police officer, burning a tree, painting graffiti on the street, firing the police fireworks, throwing the rocks on a sheriff’s vehicle, burning an American flag, and causing a riot to arrest 9 of them. One policeman was reportedly wounded, but the severity of the injuries is not clear.

The rioters, dressed in black and armed with helmets and shields, even broke windows and attacked the city center of Quiznos. For over a decade, KUSA reports that it belonged to a local family.

Any window they see is broken. Someone from Quiznos came out with a drink in his hand and said, “I wanted a coke”

The Quiznos owners came to clean up. The restaurant is a family owned restaurant. The entire family is now cleaning up the damage. For 12 years, they have owned it, never saw anything like that. “I don’t even know where to start,” # 9News / AU7q4AtBoe told me.

The uprisings break and kill.

Like so many other cities, the riot in Denver grew out of the anti-police protest.

The rioters say that they want the police to be eliminated and that demands often rise to justify their violent uprisings. One council member in Denver suggested that the police department be abolished and replaced by an unarmed agency that would somehow still be tasked with maintaining peace. So far, this endeavor has gone nowhere.

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