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Clinton Claims Biden Will not Give ‘Under Any circumstances’



Clinton Claims Biden Will not Give 'Under Any circumstances'
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Hillary Clinton urged Joe Biden, as he trailed Donald Trump on election night, not to enter the presidential chase.

“I think it’s going to stretch on, because I suspect he ‘s going to prevail if we don’t give a pin, even if we’re as centered because implausible as the other side is,” said Clinton., “he says.

RT reports: In a clip published just as Monday night the Republican National Convention was about to kick off, Clinton claimed that Biden would not accept his victory if he emerged triumphant in the November presidential contest but with a slight margin.

The former VP will now be up for a drawn-out court battle which, Clinton claims, will eventually triumph.

Clinton indicated that Trump would seek to ‘measure’ the method of absentee voting, saying she had been told that “40 attorneys had contested absentee mail-in ballots” by the GOP in a primary Michigan Republican candidate, which implied the November election would be a investigation.

In combat this, Clinton claimed that Democrats should launch their own legal offensive.

“We need to have a big legal project, we need survey workers … We need our own teams to fight the bullying force …”

Clinton’s comments were immediately pushed back by a Trump team, which claimed that Clinton was trying to snatch Trump’s presidency by insisting that he fail to acknowledge his defeat “under any conditions.”

Hillary Clinton claims Republicans will continue to steal the election:

“The Biden team is operating on a huge legal project, I agree … Joe Biden will not under certain conditions offer it”

— Us War Room – Us email on August 24, 2020 (@TrumpWarRoom).

The national spokeswoman of the Republican Party, Elizabeth Harrington, called for mass media to stand up and challenge Clinton, along with “any Democrat,” to see if they should recognize the election outcome, as they did with Trump.

John Podesta and Hillary Clinton all say “not in any way award” to Joe Biden

I’m sure the media will ask any Democrat desperately if they acknowledge the outcome of the polls in 2020

We tell us they’re going to actually

— August 24, 2020, Elizabeth Harrington (@LizRNC).

“I’m sure the media would frenetically question any Democrat if the outcome of the 2020 vote should be approved,” she added. “They tell us directly why they’re not going to.”

Before the 2016 referendum, Trump supporters loved Clinton’s own tweets, which characterized the challenging of the result of the presidential elections as “a challenge to democracy.”

Hillary Clinton, 2016: “threats our government” challenging presidential election outcome

Hillary Clinton, 2020, challenging the outcome of democratic polls preemptively: “Joe Biden will not give under any circumstances.”

August 24 , 2020 — Patrick Poole (@pspoole)

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