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Pam Bondi uses the Own Slogan of Biden to expose his hypocrisy



Pam Bondi uses the Own Slogan of Biden to expose his hypocrisy
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Former Attorney General Pam Bondi (R-Fla.) used the own campaign motto of Joe Biden to expose his hypocrisy in his influential address at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Tuesday.

“Joe promises that he’s trying to develop Good Home. Hey, better put Bidens again, “whispered Bondi.

She researched Biden’s son Hunter, who was a bank director of the board of crooked Ukrainian gas giant Burisma, while his dad forced the Ukrainian president to dismiss a prosecutor who prosecuted Burisma. The Democrats accused President Donald Trump of telling Ukraine’s new president to look into the crisis.

In China, Hunter Biden also raked, while Biden went to the middle of the empire quietly. Hunter Biden broke his promise that by 31 October 2019 he would leave the board of the Chinese corporation while his dad was vying for the chair.

Bondi also shared the story of Joe ‘s brother James Biden, who had been hired to build house in Iraq by a building company costing more than a billion dollars and Joe Biden was in charge of the US invasion. The contract was signed by a corporation operated by “the nearest family friend of Joe Biden who, you guessed, had no business background and no Iraq background.”

The former Attorney General found that Biden has a “deliberate behavioural pattern” which he uses to enrich his family members. Nonetheless, in 2008, the FBI prosecuted Joe Biden’s “Delaware Way” movement for wrongdoing, a “system of favour and cronyism.”

Bondi finished her speech with a clear question. “Why would the elite class have one standard and the rest of us another standards? The full remarks of Pam Bondi at @GOPConvention#RNC2020

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