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Pelosi Names Trump and the Republican Supporters ‘State Enemies’



Pelosi Calls Trump Republican Allies ‘Enemies of the State
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struck back online after calling domestic ‘enemies of the establishment’ by President Donald Trump and his Republican supporters.

“Ironically, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their Congressional allies, the domestic opponents of our political system are correct,” Pelosi said, pointing to the address of the White House in Washington, DC. MSNBC’s Open on Monday.

“They’re all they can to repress the vote, to bully voters,” she said, calling Trump and the Republicans ‘state rivals.’

RT reports: Republican researchers quickly posted Pelosi ‘s remarks on a minute-long video identifying them as “unchecked.”

The term “domestic opponents” has a particular meaning in US politics as all American authorities and naturalized citizens owe the Constitution “contra all threats, international and domestic.”

Trump has generated a lot of criticism both from republicans and Politicians since, soon after he took office in 2017, he called “fake reporting” reporting organizations “ennemies of the people.” In August 2018, he claimed that the traditional ‘dangerous and unhealthy’ media were ‘intentionally responsible for tremendous discord and mistrust and could even spark conflict! The comments of Pelosi have not drawn nearly as much attention yet.

We back up the Democrats’ claims that Trump was attempting to “sabotage” the vote by withdrawing US Postal Service support. On Saturday, every Democrat House and 26 Republicans voted for a bill that would provide the USPS with $25 trillion in funds for compulsory voting via e-mail.

Around 70 lawmakers cast their ballots by proxy under Pelosi ‘s emergency pandemic law. Nevertheless, Trump opposed to the plan, claiming that all-mail voting is an invitation to electoral theft.

Without the consent of the Republican Senate, the bill is impossible to become law.

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