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Rand Paul Flips the Legal Justice System, Biden and Trump



Rand Paul Flips the Legal Justice System, Biden and Trump
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Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) gave a strong address praising President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Tuesday. Although Democrat nominee Joe Biden is endorsing the Black Lives Matter campaign, Paul has dismissed the template for the overhaul of social justice.

“Chairman Donald Trump does stuff,” Paul said. “As some talked of the overhaul in criminal justice, President Trump has signed a First Step Act, the first substantive legislation in a decade that aims to address the damage caused by some, including Joe Biden.”

“And, for all of us who mourn the Biden crime bill that locked up a lot of young Black men, Biden praised the law that now rages people of color,” he said. Indeed, in 1993 Senator Biden bragged that there was his name on “a big crime measure.”

Paul also thanked Trump for taking American troops home and for failing to wage perpetual battles. Although the president spent resources in restoring the US military, he has the the US military presence overseas.

“I respect President Trump because he thinks I can’t wage perpetual battles as a powerful America,” he said. “We will not keep abandoning our blood and riches in the quagmires of Middle East.”

“President Trump is the first generation president to try to finish the fight, not initiate it. He wants to end Afghanistan’s fighting. He takes our men and women around, “said the Senator.

“Compare President Trump with Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden ‘s tragic record of calling repeatedly for more war,” Paul said. “Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, which President Trump has long pointed to as our generation ‘s greatest diplomatic mistake. I ‘m afraid Biden is going to choose war again. In Bosnia, Syria and Libya he sponsored war. Joe Biden must prevent our blood and treasure flowing. President Trump’s going to bring down our heroes.

“If you hate the war like I hate the war … if you want us to stop sending 50 billion dollars into Afghanistan for luxury hotels and natural gas to fuel … you need President Trump to support you for another year! Paul concluded with a clear message about the radical deconstruction of the Left.

“For all of you who wish for wake up and fight the radicals who kill our schools and burn our neighborhoods, join me to help President Trump,” he said. He said.

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