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Where Lionel Messi might play next if he’s leaving Barcelona



Lionel Messi
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In the soccer universe, there is no one closer to a franchise than Leo Messi and Barcelona. This might change too. Messi reportedly told Barcelona that he wants to break his deal and terminated his twenty-year engagement when he was just 13.

Although Barcelona rejects this claims-and the possibility that the matter could ultimately be resolved by the courts-it is at least conceivable for Messi to be able to join whichever squad he wishes to expect something.

Perhaps there is no team in the world to hesitate to sign Messi — even irrespective of expense — but here are some of the most interesting possibilities alongside the betting odds.

Town of Manchester (5-4)

Because Messi ‘s moving teams was an obvious possibility, the city became the most popular destination. Not just are they practically owned and have more assets than anyone else in the United Arab Emirates. Pep Guardiola, who guided him through two of his four UEFA Champion League wins, is now overseeing them. City has always been one of the strongest teams in England since Guardiola joined it, but struggled to achieve its European glory mission.

In Britain anywhere (7-5)

In comparison to Chelsea, Manchester United (12-1), Everton (14-1), Arsenal (40-1), Kelsea (40-1) and Leeds United (50-1). Collectively, it seems that the oddsmakers believe that he will end up in the EPL. Leeds is the most interesting of these possibilities for my capital. Once one of the best teams in England they have been out of the game since they have been relegated since the 2003-04 season. Messi is rumored to have lobbied for Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds boss to join Barcelona before Ronald Koeman was appointed. Unfortunately, we will have to wait at least another year before we got a reaction to the old question of how he should “run in Stoke on a rainy day?”

Milan Inter (3-1)

This may be a little shocking to see Inter Milan on this list. Yet they’ve got some things going for them. The first is Chairman Steven Zhang, who oversees the team ‘s finances efficiently for the Suning Holdings Group of his father’s group. Inter Milan was one of the most publicly attempted teams to hire Messi. The Italian giants are only a decade away from their peak and would see Messi return to the discussion as a package. The transfer to Series A will also restore the rivalry of Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo, a part of Juventus ‘s Italian side before the last season.

Saint-Germain Paris (3-1)

Unlike Manchester City, PSG is essentially owned by a nation state, and its success makes that possible in particular. In this situation, it is Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar. PSG has one of the most valuable teams in the world (directly behind the city), and makes Neymar and Kylian Mbappé’s favorite. Despite their presence, Messi is definitely not significant from a point of view of team construction. Yet I’m sure they’d find a way to do that. PSG is a loser at the Champions League playoffs, and now they can see Messi as the piece that is missing from this very costly puzzle.

Youth (5-1)

To be honest, I don’t know why Juventus’ betting charts are so high. They belong to the Agnelli dynasty, whose valuation is valued at about 13.5 billion dollars. We own Fiat, too. None believes they’ve got money and Messi is definitely searching for a bunch of cash, which explains the relation. It will paire with the two most productive western stars, but still push Juventus to give two teams on the wrong side of 30 the equal of a small nation’s GDP. At the other hand, that might lead a few sports writers to burst because they wasted too much time making it look like those two reflected the ultimate soccer player’s diametrically opposite dreams.

Big League of Soccer (12-1)

Remember when David Beckham played with Galaxy LA and everyone was like, “Damn, that’s insane?” Okay, it’d be 10 times crazier. Also with the increasingly growing prices of MLS players, the deal from Messi will actually be worth more than any player in the league. Even if the League unanimously could find a way to validate this sort of contract (similarly to Beckham), it would be exceedingly difficult to persuade Messi. Once, maybe Miami or Los Angeles’ siren call is exactly what he wants right now. (Note: None of that will preclude it from continuing for a few more years …)

Munich Bavaria (16-1)

It is unquestionable that Bayern Munich has the money to sign Messi, but it definitely would be a little out of character for them. While they are happy to buy the best German players, they usually don’t splash foreigners with this sort of money. Messi, though, may be the case. Bayern Munich is the team who this year removed Barca from the Champions League (and they went on to win the triple), so it’s cool.

Dead Boys of Newell (20-1)

Until he was a world champion, Messi was just a young kid who came through the Old Boys Academy in Newell. Well, not just any kid. He reportedly netted 234 goals in 176 games between 1994 and 1999, which was how he attracted foreign scouting interest. There will be no economic change, but Messi just needs to link to his home country after not giving them any sort of foreign glory.

Retreat due to 1 January 2021 (4-1)

It is a kind of x-factor approach and the betting public seems to believe that this is likely at least. It would be only done if Barcelona succeeds in convincing a juge that the chance of canceling his deal passed during the Covid-19 suspension squad and either attempts to convince him to stay or requests a 9-figure transfer fee. At the age of 33, he just had to win an international title for Argentina, a country that he abandoned in 2016. Although he returned to the 2018 World Cup, in 2022, he will definitely not hang around even for another chance given all the uncertainty involving the team.

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